kaya says (march 2017)

It’s been so incredibly long since I’ve written one of these posts that I have a year’s worth of funny quotes saved up from Kaya. Some of these are just too good not to share (like things she said when I was pregnant with Nella), so I’m including them too, even though they’re “old”.

Me: We’re going blueberry picking!

Kaya: Ooooo, in the enchanted forest?

“Mommy I about need a bra because we keep seeing my tummy!”

“If you eat the cheese all gone on Tuesday, you’ll have a big tummy… And maybe a tummy ache.”

(Talking about her imaginary family): “I have 25 boys and 12 girls. Meowy was born first, and then Alice, and then Barney, and then Pickley and Skittley and then I don’t remember my other kids’ names…”

Kaya: We try to do school 5 days [a week].
Me: You do homeschool?
Well, some of my kids go to real school because there’s not enough room on the carpet and then they block it [the view] and some of my kids can’t see.

(When she’s pretending and says “my daddy”, she’s actually referencing her would-be husband):

“My daddy stays home everyday to help me take care of my kids because that would be really hard.” Well, at least she recognizes that Mommies do a lot for their children. And you’re right Kaya, sometimes it isn’t easy, but it’s definitely worth it.

I came back home in the middle of a run for a bathroom break. Kaya saw me and exclaimed “Go back outside sweaty girl!” Apparently sweaty people are not allowed in the house.

(Michael went to tuck her into bed one more time, at her request):
Kaya: What do I smell? Daddy, did you brush your teeth yet?

Michael: No.
Kaya: Well, if you come back in here again, you need to brush your teeth first.

I’m a BOY!!!! (as she makes a tough face)
Michael: No, you’re a tough girl!
Kaya: I’m a TOUGH BOY!
Me: So, what does a tough boy do?
Kaya: Ummm… Sing!

Me: Can you come put this silverware away?
Kaya: Oh, but I can’t, ’cause I have a baby in my tummy and it’s hard having a baby in your tummy sometimes.

And some of my favorites from when we were expecting Nella:

Kaya: Babies come out this way? (pointing at her throat and mouth)
Me: Nope… Babies don’t come out that way…

(As I go to take a shower):
“No get your baby wet!”

Me: The baby likes it when I run.
Kaya: Yeah, your baby is laughing when you run I think.

Me: I think I might have just felt the baby move, right there.
Kaya: Oh, she’s trying to get out, I think.

(Kaelyn needed a timeout, so we put her in what was going to be Nella’s future room):
Kaya: But that’s the baby’s room! I don’t want to get tears in the baby’s room!

the kid behind the blog (august 2016)

This little marshmallow-stuffed face is back for another question and answer session! I love how silly some of her answers are, but the best part of this questionnaire was hearing her joy and enthusiasm for our “homeschool preschool”. I spend too much time worrying that we aren’t learning enough, I’m not making it fun enough, or I’m depriving her of going to an actual school. Seriously… This is a happy kid if I ever saw one._MG_4130What was your favorite thing you did over the summer? Go sledding.
You mean pulling the sled in the grass? (giggles almost uncontrollably)… No, in the SNOW! (she totally knows the difference between summer and winter… she’s just a goofball!)

What’s your favorite topic to learn about at school? About firefighters! (Firefighters and fire safety were part of our preschool lesson that day. She was paying attention!)

Who is your best friend from school? Mia!

What do you want to be when you grow up? Not anything! Just stay with you guys and play toys. (Hahahaha… Does she already see how crazy adulthood can be?)

What is your least favorite thing about school? (almost yelling) Actually I like school! You like everything about school? YEEEEEEES!

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the kid behind the blog (july 2016)

I just love these question-and-answer link-ups. You never know what kids will say! It’s fun to get a glimpse into Kaya’s thoughts, and I can’t wait for the day that Kaelyn can join in on the fun._MG_3772What 2 things do you like to do outside in the summer?
Go “wee” on my slide! And go in special puddles. When it’s leaf time I like to splash in puddles.

If you could go anywhere this summer, where would you go and why?
To the temple… because I like going with you guys.

What is your favorite thing about summer?
Ooo I like playing with Baba! But when she’s reading books I don’t play with her, because that would be silly.

If you could pick any way to spend a hot summer day, how would you spend it?
With Mommy, Daddy, Baba and me… in the snow!

What is your favorite summer treat?
Pops. Big pops, like the one with the little cover on it! (she means popsicles!)

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the kids behind the blog (april 2016)

I saw this link-up a few months ago, and somehow kept on forgetting to do it. I actually remembered to ask Kaya the questions this time, so here it is! I can’t wait for Kaelyn to be able to talk so she can participate one day, too. 🙂 Her answers are short and sweet, but I love hearing what goes on in that mind of hers._MG_1436

What is your favorite thing to do with your friends? Play toys. What’s your favorite toy? My purple puppy next to my kitchen.

Who is your favorite person? Mia. Why? Because I wuv her.

When playing outside, what do your ideal sunny day plans look like? Blow bubbles. A BIG BUBBLE!

What do you like to do when it’s raining? Play inside. My tent is my favorite one.

If you could plant a garden of anything, what would you plant? Water and seeds! What kind of seeds? Black! Put them in the ground, them grow like plants!

kaya says (volume 4)

I haven’t done one of these posts in a while, so some of these conversations are a little old (it’s amazing to see how much Kaya’s sentence structure and vocabulary have changed in just a few short months)! However, a lot of them are just too funny, so I had to share them._MG_1162

Me: I think I hear music.
Kaya: No, no hear music. I think it’s just a dinosaur.

Kaya: No sleepy, already took a nap.
Me: How long did you nap for?
Kaya: 3 minutes.

Grandma: What’s in your pocket?
Kaya: Just a cake. (for the record, it was felt food… but still! hahaha)

Water is running in the bathroom.
Me: what are you doing?
Kaya: Make a pool! (She fills up the sink, then lets it go down the drain). Bye-bye pool, see you later!

Kaya (as she walks into the bathroom): Okay, bye Baba (Kaelyn) see you next week! (that’s a long potty break…)

Me: Who is Grandpa Skip married to?
Kaya: Uhhhh…. Jesus!

Me: Listen, do you hear a puppy barking?
Kaya: Yeah…
Me: What’s he saying?
Kaya: Poptarts! He wants poptarts too! He say “peeeease”!

kaya says (she’s moving to grandma’s house)

Kaya: Come here Mommy.
(Whispers in ear) I love mommy.
Me: You love mommy? Awwww!
Kaya: And Daddy, and Baba, and Jax. And potty.
Me: You love the potty?
Kaya (enthusiastically): YEAH!!!

“Mommy keep real real freeze.” (translation: hold still, Mommy!)

We’re in the car, waiting a stoplight.
Kaya: GO Daddy!
Michael: I can’t, we’re at a red light right now.
Kaya: UH-gain?!? (as if she couldn’t believe that this could happen more than once in a day)

We took the infant car seat out of the car, since Kaelyn outgrew it. I was explaining to Kaya why we had to put it away.
Me: We’re putting this car seat away, and we’ll use it again whenever we have another little baby.
Kaya (understandingly): Ah, okay. In two weeks? (hahaha… no…)

“Eye tricky.” (translation: my eye is bothering me. Anytime any body part feels weird or is bothering her, she tells me it’s “tricky”!)

Kaya: Peeky move away.
Me: where are you moving away to?
Kaya: uh…. gwamma’s house.

And there you have it. This girl makes us crack up every day lately! 🙂
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i’m on her friend list

This little girl and the way she melts my heart… she just.won’t.quit. And really, I hope she never does because I love every bit of her huge heart and tenderness. Now that she’s talking a whole lot more (4-word sentences, people!), she’s more fun than ever! I thought I’d jot down a few of the sweet things she’s done lately._MG_7283

(I like to quiz her while we’re driving in the car. This was last week…)
Me: Hey Peeky, who are your friends?
Kaya: Liyah (Aaliyah), Monny (Mia), Mommy…
Me: (thinking she said “Mia” twice, because the way she pronounces it sounds like “mommy” but with “n” instead of “m”): Who? Mia?
Kaya: No, Mommy!!!
Me (heart melting into a big puddle under the driver’s seat): Mommy? I’m your friend?
Kaya: YEAH!!!

(Kaelyn is playing with whatever it is Kaya wants. This happens pretty much all the time…)
Kaya: Heeey Baba Grace, tray (trade)? (Kaya then gives the baby a less-desirable item and takes the coveted toy… which often results in Kaelyn crying…)

(I was doing a different ab workout yesterday, which included lateral hip raises… my hips get sore really easily ever since I had Kaelyn, so I was hurting a little bit)
Kaya: (stops what she’s playing and comes over to me) OK, Mommy? (she puts her hand on my back and gently strokes my shoulder)

“Here ya go. More?” – She loooves to play in her kitchen and pretend to pour us drinks. I always ask for a milkshake or ice cream, and she always remembers to include an invisible pretend spoon with my cup. Haha.

(Kaelyn is putting something in her mouth that she shouldn’t… like my phone or Kaya’s toy cookies)
Kaya: Noooo Baba Grace! (takes phone from her). Eat phone again, room! (translation: If you eat the phone again, you’ll go to your room).
Kaelyn obviously puts the phone back in her mouth, since she doesn’t understand. And no, my baby doesn’t actually get timeouts in her room…
Kaya: Okay Baba Grace, ROOM! (and she tries to pick her up. this makes me laugh so hard every time…)

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five on friday: hey dude!

Happpppy Friday! Five memorable moments from the week:

ONE. Kaya and her animals… she’s already a horse girl. We saw some of the horses I actually used to help care for a couple years back, and Kaya could not have been more content than to just stand there and watch them eat grass. Here she is with Chance… and now she names all her fruit snacks after him and has them make a blowing sound just like a real horse before she gobbles them up. (and no, her fruit snacks aren’t horse-shaped… they actually look like fruit. go figure!)Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset TWO. Clearance Easter candy. The best three words that can ever be said together, am I right? (okay, maybe besides “I love you”)… Cadbury eggs are my favorite and you can never go wrong with a stockpile of M&Ms for baking!Processed with VSCOcam with s1 preset THREE. Because a pile of pillows and stuffed animals on the floor is waaay better than having them piled on your bed. Kaya constructed this mess, and I love how she even tucked herself in! Also, please notice Scruffy the teddy bear wearing her polo. She wants to change his name to “Panda”, but that could get confusing with two other animals already answering to that moniker in our house.04072015collage1 FOUR. Today is the end of an era- Jeff and Lelia are moving out of town. This was the fastest two years of my life, and I can’t believe it’s already time for them to have a new adventure. We went over there to help them load boxes last night and say our (temporary) goodbyes. I’m sad to see them go, but excited for all the new opportunities and experiences they’re about to have in this new stage of life. We love you guys!Processed with VSCOcam with a8 preset

FIVE. Love this girl and all the crazy things she says. “Hey dude!”

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Hope you have a great weekend, “dude”! 🙂

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kaya says (volume 1)

Kaya’s a pretty shy girl when we’re in a group, so to the outside world, it probably seems like she hardly talks at all. At home, she jabbers like crazy. Her longest sentences are still only 3 words long, but some of her little words are too precious to forget, so I’m saving them here! These are the phrases and words that she likes to say most often:_MG_5745

“ahh-keams” (ice cream)- She sings this song from the Mother Goose Club that goes “What? Ice cream!” all.the.time. We hardly ever give her sweet treats, but she loves to talk about them!

“Baby Connie/Baby Yuke” (Baby Caroline/Baby Luke)- I was talking to her about all her friends’ babies’ names… and these two stuck. Any baby she sees a picture of (besides Kaelyn) is Caroline or Luke. She even tried to rename Kitty “Luke” for a day.

“connnnnie!”- Carry me!

“mmmm, a caaaake” – Any cake, cookie, muffin… it’s all cake to Kaya. She loves looking at pictures of cakes just as much as the real deal. A baker in the making!

“a meow, a fuff/ruff, a tweet, a quack, a baaa”– Up until very recently, any animal was named by the sound it makes! She still does this most of the time, but has started to say “cat” now.

“more honeys!” (more undies!)- when she first started wearing undies, she called them “honeys”, and it was the cutest thing. ever. She says it correctly now, but it breaks my heart a little.

“back seep, Baba!” (back to sleep, Baba!)- Kaya tells Kaelyn to go back to sleep any time she’s cranky… even if she didn’t just wake up. Hilarious!

“waaaait… OK!”- We tell Jax to “wait” for his food when we dish it out, so sometimes Kaya pretends to make herself wait before she can take a bite of her food.

“here ya go, Peeky”- First of all, she calls herself “Peeky” (from the nickname we gave her a long time ago: Peekabird). She says this one a lot, usually when she’s setting something up (like her stepstool), or getting something for herself._MG_5730

“a sun tickle!”- when the sun is in her eyes 🙂

“what?”- Kaya says this as LOUDLY as she can when we are saying something she doesn’t want to hear (usually it has something to do with her finishing her meal or getting ready for bed, ha)!

“sunny”- this one simple word means “sunny”, “silly” and “sorry”.

“nay-nake!” (naked!)- She’s super aware of this ever since we started potty training. At night time, if she can escape from Daddy fast enough when he’s putting her pajamas on, she’ll run around in the buff screaming “naaaaay-nake!” She also told me the ducks at the pond were nay-nake because they were taking a “bath”.

“no… a yi-yull!” (no, too little!)- Kaya loves to tell us she’s too little to do something any time she just doesn’t feel like doing it. Haha.

“Olaf… hugs”- Michael puts her Olaf blanket over his head every night before bed and says “Hi, I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs”, so Kaya likes to say it every so often too! 🙂

“a temple”- She loves seeing pictures of the LDS temples… and any big, lit-up building is a temple to her (like the Disney castle)!