happy 2019!

Happy New Year! It’s already January 3rd, and I’m just finally logging on here to write a little something. We’ve been pretty busy with traveling and enjoying time with family this week. Now we’re home; the Christmas decorations have been packed away, the festive desserts have all been consumed, new toys have been [mostly] organized, and the last of the artificial pine needles have been vacuumed out of the carpet. I suppose that means we’re ready for a fresh start!

I’m thankful to ring in the new year with my sweetheart and all these little people we call ours.2018 had its challenges, some of which I haven’t shared much about here on the blog. I’m grateful to be through some of those hard things, but as usual, I’m always a little sad for another year to end.

I love seeing what my “most popular” Instagram posts from the year were, and, no surprise, 2018 was all about baby Eve (with a little running thrown in there)! Last New Year’s, I remember thinking forward to this year and wondering if I’d be holding a sweet prince or princess as we entered 2019. I had feelings that we’d have a baby girl, but my mind just kept saying, “No way, what are the odds?” But here we are. Four little princesses. I wouldn’t trade all that pink for anything.I know a lot of people come up with a “word of the year” each January, but it felt just too hard to pick one word this year, so I have two “mantras”:

#1. I’m a worrier, and it can be especially hard for me when I feel like I don’t have “control” over a situation. I’m trying really hard to let go, have faith that everything will work out for the best, and trust in myself, others, and God. I’ve realized that I can’t fret about all the possible outcomes of every situation forever, so here’s to going forward with faith. All I can do is try my best.
#2. It’s taken me until the birth of my fourth child to realize how truly important “me time” is! I love my kids more than anything, but I’ve noticed that I’ve started losing myself completely to the role of motherhood. It’s not a bad thing to be devoted to my family, by any means- but it’s also so important to remember who I am. I typically feel selfish for taking any time away to do something that I want to do… but I need it. I already have some fun things on the calendar for 2019 (hello, half marathon!), and I’m hoping that a little self-care goes a long way in rejuvenating my mind and spirit.

Happy 2019, friends!

2017 mantras

I have to be honest, I’ve never really been a resolution-making kind of person. It just feels a little cliché, and it almost seems expected that your resolutions fall by the wayside before February even arrives.

However, despite not making any “official” resolutions, I do tend to get a bit introspective at the end of every year. I thought about what changes I’d made in 2016, and how I’d like to be better in the new year. January 1st came and went, and I was still contemplating what kind of “theme” or goals I might like to keep in mind for 2017.

I really love making lists and checking things off, so surprisingly, instead of specific, measurable targets, I’ve come up with a few of my own “mantras”. These are short phrases that I can remind myself of daily and repeat whenever the situation is appropriate. So far, these little reminders have already helped me to be so much more mindful.

Live for today, forget yesterday, and look forward to tomorrow.

Just play.

Less guilt, more joy.

More love, less criticism.


My best is all I can do.


Embrace pen and paper.

Fall in love with books.

Speak softly.

Make time for silence.

Take a picture, but don’t miss the moment.

I’m excited to see where I go in 2017!

september 2016 goals

September… September ALREADY?! Now I can say that I’m having a baby next month! Crazy!

I bet you could have guessed it, but most of my goals are baby-related for this month. I still feel like there’s a lot to do, and even with our third baby being another little girl, there’s always some shopping to do, stuff to organize, and things to prepare. Here we go!september2016goals

1. Set up Kaya and Kaelyn’s furniture and transition them to their new room.

2. Choose Halloween costumes (we all know there won’t be time for this in October)!

3. Host Kaya’s birthday party.

4. Paint the nursery.

5. Finish taking out the old baseboards in the basement, install new ones, finish priming, and paint. Phew. Obviously I’m getting a lot of help with this one!

6. Go through the little girl clothes (for all 3 girls)- wash, sort, pack, and unpack appropriate sizes.

7. Put together “big sister gifts”. (Also known as: something to entertain them while I’m busy with the baby…)

8. Pack a hospital bag. I seriously did this while in labor last time. That is NOT happening again! I should probably also have a bag ready for the girls in case they have to be dropped off at a friend’s.

9. Write out birth preferences.

10. Take family photos.

There are probably a bunch of things I’m forgetting… but this is a start!

july 2016 goals

We’re a third of the way through the month… but I just have to update on how things are going around here! 🙂

Here was June:

Choose a paint color for the family room. DONE… and it’s already painted! My awesome brother-in-law Jeff painted the majority of it himself when he was here for Kaelyn’s birthday party. Michael helped out too, of course, but I’m grateful Jeff got it started!

Sell the retro dining table and chairs the previous homeowners left in the basement. SOLD for $480! I’m just thrilled to have it out of my house once the buyer picks it up! For your entertainment, here’s what it looks like:_MG_1670

Do school with Kaya three days per week. We had one week that we fell short, but we’ve done extra days on other weeks, so I’m happy with how much we’ve been getting done.

Finish reading one book. Oops, this didn’t happen.

Take the kids to the library every week to choose new books. It hasn’t quite been every week, but we’ve been to the library three times in the past month! I didn’t see a need to keep a strict schedule with this goal since my girls always want to check out a lot of books at a time and don’t seem to tire of them for awhile.

Plan/host Kaelyn’s birthday party. 

Finish backing up my computer. Well, this is about halfway done. I finished ALL of 2014! It’s taking so painstakingly long because I’ve been going over every single photo again, being sure that there are no further edits I want to make before I export them all as .JPGs and delete the RAWs forever.

Now on to July!july2016goalsGet the girls’ room painted. This means I need to choose a color, too. I really want to get moving on this so that I can make all the changes I want to (moving furniture, transitioning Kaelyn to a bed, etc.) well before Baby #3 arrives so that they can adjust ahead of time. I also just feel like I can’t get started on the nursery until I at least have their room painted first.

Prime the basement walls. See that bright red in that picture of the table up there? Yeah… hopefully that doesn’t take too much convincing to go away!

Finish backing up 2015 photos. I’d love to just be done with 2016 photos too, but we’ll see how it goes.

Finish reading one book.

Keep up with preschool three days per week.

Deep clean the car. It’s not super disgusting or anything… but it could use some vacuuming, straightening up, and wiping down on the inside.

See you in August!

june 2016 goals

I fell off the goal-making bandwagon when morning sickness hit… but now I’m eager to get working on things, so here’s my list for June!june2016goals

Choose a paint color for the family room. In my dreams, I’d love to not only choose a color, but also get all the painting done. However, I have a feeling I might be indecisive when it comes to making a decision like this, so even getting the paint will be a step in the right direction.

Sell the retro dining table and chairs the previous homeowners left in the basement.

Do school with Kaya three days per week. I know it’s summer now, but she is eager to learn and I want to take advantage of it, especially since I will probably want to take some time off in the fall when the baby comes.

Finish reading one book.

Take the kids to the library every week to choose new books.

Plan/host Kaelyn’s birthday party. 

Finish backing up my computer so Michael can wipe the hard drive for me. It’s not an old computer, but it’s so slow and really needs a fresh start!

january 2016 goals

Is it too late to make January goals? We are more than halfway through the month! 2016 is off to a fast start, and part of me already feels like I can’t keep up with everything I need/want to accomplish.

These goals might seem overly-simplistic, but I feel like that is what I personally need for now. So… here we go!january2016goals

1. Plan meals a week in advance.

2. Plan (at least) one whole week of preschool activities at a time, before the week starts.

3. Crochet 10 rows of the next color of yarn on my baby blanket. This blanket might be the slowest thing ever made… but I’m just going for progress here.

4. Do ab exercises 2-3 times a week. I’ve been slacking on my abs again, so I need accountability!

5. Complete two value experiences for Personal Progress.

6. Take a photo every day!

november 2015 goals

I’m a little late to the game (we’re a third of the way through November!)… but I have some things I absolutely need to get done this month, and I’m hoping that writing it on this little space of mine will help keep me accountable…Processed with VSCOcam with c2 preset

1. Finish one skein of yarn for my first-ever crochet project- a baby blanket!

2. Complete 12 quiet book pages for the quiet book co-op I joined.

3. Sew Christmas stockings.

4. Complete two value experiences for Personal Progress.

5. Be more prepared for our little “homeschool preschool” by planning a whole week’s worth of activities at a time.

august 2015 goals

I took a break from goals in July. We spent a lot of time outside and with friends, so my down time was just that… a time to relax. I know August is already a third of the way through… but here’s to hoping for better progress this month!

Here was June:

1. Abs 3x’s per week.

2. Read one book. “The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry” was a good read!

3. Celebrate my baby girl with an awesome birthday party!

4. Make my baby an amazing cake.

5. Sew something.

6. Finish my Personal Progress faith value project.

7. Make a Shutterfly photobook. I started this, at least, just didn’t finalize and order it… august2015goals1. Abs 3x’s per week.

2. Read one book.

3. Sew something.

4. Complete 2 value experiences for Personal Progress.

5. Finish my Faith PP project.

6. Organize two areas of our home.

7. Take Kaya on a mommy-daughter date.

june 2015 goals

Well I totally dropped the ball on this. It’s halfway through the month! I think I procrastinate writing this post because I’m honestly kind of ashamed at how poorly I keep doing at checking off my goals. I either need to change my system here or make fewer goals, because every month I feel a little disappointed with how I did.

Anyway… for May:

1. Abs three times per week.

2. Plan family photos. I did this… and then we had awful weather for about a week and a half, and in that time frame I completely changed my mind about what we’re all wearing and when we’re taking these… so I need to do it again.

3. Get 50% of my 2014 photos exported. I kind of forgot about this goal…

4. Organize 3 areas. This included the girls’ closet… which should have counted as like 5 areas all on its own. So glad that’s done!

5. Complete 4 value experiences for Personal Progress. I thought I did some, but the ones I have checked off don’t have dates next to them. So maybe not. Oops.

6. Finish my Personal Progress faith value project. I am about 90% of the way there!

7. Crochet or sew something.

8. Read one book.
june2015goals1. Abs 3x’s per week.

2. Read one book.

3. Celebrate my baby girl with an awesome birthday party!

4. Make my baby an amazing cake.

5. Sew something.

6. Finish my Personal Progress faith value project.

7. Make a Shutterfly photobook.

may 2015 goals

I still feel like working on my goals has been a complete struggle, and I don’t know exactly why… although the weather has been sooo gorgeous, so I could just blame it on wanting to play outside all the time instead of check off my to-do list, right? Haha.

Here’s how I did for April:

1. Complete two books. (the one I didn’t finish from last month plus one more.) 

2. Abs as always.

3. Export 50% of the 2014 photos. I am over 25% of the way through. It isn’t as much as I was hoping to have done, but it’s something!

4. Sew something!

5. Organize 5 more areas. I did two and halfway finished a third (the girls’ closet… which is a huge project).

6. Crochet. …seriously, I need to get going on this.

7. Complete 4 value experiences for Personal Progress. 50%- I did 2 value experiences… I need Michael to help me with one of them, but he’s been busy. Also, I have been working on my faith project, so that’s good. Slowly getting there.may2015goals

1. Abs three times per week.

2. Plan family photos.

3. Get 50% of my 2014 photos exported.

4. Organize 3 areas.

5. Complete 4 value experiences for Personal Progress.

6. Finish my Personal Progress faith value project.

7. Crochet or sew something.

Here’s to hoping I do better this month!