kaya says (volume 1)

Kaya’s a pretty shy girl when we’re in a group, so to the outside world, it probably seems like she hardly talks at all. At home, she jabbers like crazy. Her longest sentences are still only 3 words long, but some of her little words are too precious to forget, so I’m saving them here! These are the phrases and words that she likes to say most often:_MG_5745

“ahh-keams” (ice cream)- She sings this song from the Mother Goose Club that goes “What? Ice cream!” all.the.time. We hardly ever give her sweet treats, but she loves to talk about them!

“Baby Connie/Baby Yuke” (Baby Caroline/Baby Luke)- I was talking to her about all her friends’ babies’ names… and these two stuck. Any baby she sees a picture of (besides Kaelyn) is Caroline or Luke. She even tried to rename Kitty “Luke” for a day.

“connnnnie!”- Carry me!

“mmmm, a caaaake” – Any cake, cookie, muffin… it’s all cake to Kaya. She loves looking at pictures of cakes just as much as the real deal. A baker in the making!

“a meow, a fuff/ruff, a tweet, a quack, a baaa”– Up until very recently, any animal was named by the sound it makes! She still does this most of the time, but has started to say “cat” now.

“more honeys!” (more undies!)- when she first started wearing undies, she called them “honeys”, and it was the cutest thing. ever. She says it correctly now, but it breaks my heart a little.

“back seep, Baba!” (back to sleep, Baba!)- Kaya tells Kaelyn to go back to sleep any time she’s cranky… even if she didn’t just wake up. Hilarious!

“waaaait… OK!”- We tell Jax to “wait” for his food when we dish it out, so sometimes Kaya pretends to make herself wait before she can take a bite of her food.

“here ya go, Peeky”- First of all, she calls herself “Peeky” (from the nickname we gave her a long time ago: Peekabird). She says this one a lot, usually when she’s setting something up (like her stepstool), or getting something for herself._MG_5730

“a sun tickle!”- when the sun is in her eyes 🙂

“what?”- Kaya says this as LOUDLY as she can when we are saying something she doesn’t want to hear (usually it has something to do with her finishing her meal or getting ready for bed, ha)!

“sunny”- this one simple word means “sunny”, “silly” and “sorry”.

“nay-nake!” (naked!)- She’s super aware of this ever since we started potty training. At night time, if she can escape from Daddy fast enough when he’s putting her pajamas on, she’ll run around in the buff screaming “naaaaay-nake!” She also told me the ducks at the pond were nay-nake because they were taking a “bath”.

“no… a yi-yull!” (no, too little!)- Kaya loves to tell us she’s too little to do something any time she just doesn’t feel like doing it. Haha.

“Olaf… hugs”- Michael puts her Olaf blanket over his head every night before bed and says “Hi, I’m Olaf, and I like warm hugs”, so Kaya likes to say it every so often too! 🙂

“a temple”- She loves seeing pictures of the LDS temples… and any big, lit-up building is a temple to her (like the Disney castle)!