baby #4: 19 weeks

This is crazy, but if this baby comes as early as Nella did, we are already halfway there. It’s unbelievable how those early weeks drag on, and then the middle of pregnancy just flies on by.

Baby’s size: 6 inches long (CRL), weighing about 8.5 ounces- roughly the same size as a zucchini, a hedgehog, or the original Gameboy!

Maternity clothes?: No, but if I’m wearing my regular jeans, I’m using the hair tie trick (even though they still button, they aren’t really comfortable). I’m guessing those pants won’t fit soon, but I’m really putting off switching to maternity jeans because the ones I have are all kind of baggy and not my favorite. With Kaya and Nella, I mostly wore shorts when my belly was big enough for maternity pants, and I like my shorts so much more. I guess I just wore the baggy pants with Kaelyn, but there’s something about wearing clothes that are too big that make you feel frumpy and even bigger than you really are.

Gender: Hopefully we’ll know next week, although I did toss around the idea of us not finding out until the birth. Michael told me it would drive me absolutely crazy, which is probably true. Not to mention, we’d have absolutely nothing prepared if it’s a boy!

Symptoms: I’ve been feeling my belly stretching!

Sleep: Thankfully, I’m having fewer nightmares, just weird dreams. Still napping just about every afternoon, though.

Movement: FINALLY! This little baby gave me the best present on my birthday- lots and lots of kicks!!! It’s so nice to finally feel him/her more regularly. It’s pretty much always on my right side, and I’ve noticed that the later I stay up, the more active the baby seems to be. We might have a serious night owl! If I’m wearing jeans, he/she kicks right at my waistband, as if it annoys him/her that it pushes on my stomach. So funny.

Cravings: Nutella and chocolate-chip cookie bars. Michael indulged my Nutella craving on my birthday, and I did bake some cookie bars this week, so life is good!

What I miss: Clothes fitting properly, I guess. I’m just in that weird in-between stage! Apparently how I stand also makes a huge difference in how big the belly looks.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I still have my moments of nausea, including another day/night when I mostly just rested and stayed in bed as much as I could. I’m still brushing my teeth after nearly every meal because I can’t stand the taste of anything in my mouth for too long, but overall, I’m eating again and it feels good.

Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: Ran 23.7 miles (longest run was 5.3 miles); walked 1.4 miles. I’m really excited that I’m actually running significantly faster than I was during my last pregnancy, too. Best pace this week was 9:31 min/mile. Fitbit total steps: 69,236.

I’m starting to notice that little basketball belly when I’m running, and I love looking down and seeing it there, reminding me why I’m trying so hard to stay healthy and keep moving.

Mood: Feeling happy and excited! In a way, it still doesn’t seem completely real that we’re adding another family member so soon.

Best moment this week: Celebrating my birthday!!! And visiting with Lelia and Bryce! They came up for the weekend, and we’ve been having the best time.

Looking forward to: Seeing this little baby next week!

Big sisters: They’ve decided that if it’s a girl, her name will be Butterfly or Pinky, and if it’s a boy, his name will be Stripey. I have no idea where they come up with this stuff, but it is pretty adorable and funny. They are both still really hoping for another sister.

Comparison: 19 weeks with Kaya; 19 weeks with Kaelyn; 19 weeks with Nella.