nella’s first sled ride

We woke up early one morning to the sounds of Nella’s cries and the snowplow scraping against the street. We haven’t had a big storm yet this winter, just enough for ice to coat the roads and public school to be canceled.

Of course, any amount of snow is enough to spark wonder in the eyes of three little girls. Nella kept excitedly looking out the window as she ate her pumpkin bread for breakfast.Of course, I made everyone get their schoolwork done before we could head out and play. There are always shenanigans on Kaelyn’s side of the table!It always takes a while to put everyone’s layers on before heading outside. Nella is not a fan of her snowsuit.
She had her first-ever ride in the sled! This little smile was probably the only one, because she realized how hard it was to stay sitting up, and quickly decided she wasn’t a huge fan of sledding after all.Kaya tried hard to make it fun, but I think she had a better time pulling Nella around than Nella did riding! Kaelyn hopped on for a bit too, to help Nella sit up.Mismatched mittens!They love playing in the snow, even if it is just the smallest amount.Nella was over it.We finished off the morning with hot chocolate, of course! It’s always the littlest things that make them (and me!) happiest.