baby #2: 19 weeks

I see maybe the tiiiniest little bump this week!
_MG_1243Baby’s size:
 Crown-to-rump length is 5.25 to 6 inches, and it weighs about 7 ounces.
Maternity clothes?: Still wearing regular everything, but I’m definitely glad I have some long tank tops to layer under things!
Gender: We find out in ONE WEEK! I can’t believe that next week at this time, we will know!
Sleep: Awesome. We’re just not awesome at going to bed on time (obviously nothing has changed since my last pregnancy…)
Movement: LOTS more this week! I’ve started to notice it a lot more often since it’s getting so much stronger. When Kaya was a little bigger, she used to kick and push her feet into the right side of my belly… and it feels like this baby is doing the same. I actually have seen my stomach moving on the outside a couple times. It’s crazy!
Cravings: Chocolate-chip cookies, mini wheats, and cocoa puffs.
What I miss: Guiltlessly eating raw cookie dough… I might’ve snuck a few pieces this week.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I had two days this week where the nausea came back. Super weird.
Belly Button in or out?: In for sure.
Exercising?: Only 16 miles run and two walked last week due to weather… but I’m back on track for this week.
Mood: Excited!
Best moment this week: Seeing baby move on the outside for the first time!
Looking forward to: Next week! My birthday, our ultrasound, and Valentine’s Day!
Comparison: 19 weeks with Kaya!19weekcomparison