baby #4: 21 weeks

(written March 3rd)

Baby’s size: 10.5 inches long (the same as a carrot or a baseball cap) and almost 3/4 of a pound!

Maternity clothes?: I finally switched to maternity pants this week, and as always, I’m asking myself why I waited so long to do it! I’m really happy beacause I found some maternity jeans for cheap (under $10!) that actually fit me well. If you are petite or just need an extra-small size (which seems hard to find in maternity), check these out. The belly panel seems stretchy enough that it could fit me up until the end, but by then I guess I’ll mostly be wearing shorts anyway.

Gender: Sweet baby girl!!! I’ve been obsessing over names lately, because although I thought I had a name picked out weeks ago, I started questioning if it really is “the one”. So, I’ve scoured about a thousand name lists and websites to see if there’s anything better, but I have a feeling it’s all going to come back to that same name.

It’s hard naming a fourth girl without having something that sounds too close to our current girls’ names. I don’t want to repeat any more first initials, and the name has to be feminine with a good meaning/history. Basically, I’m very picky.

Sleep: One bad nightmare this week, but other than that, I’ve been tired enough that I just pass out and stay asleep until morning. I’m still napping for a couple of hours most afternoons. The fatigue is especially real this time around!

Movement: I’m enjoying feeling her a whole lot more now (she is almost always moving when I’m sitting or lying down)! She still doesn’t do anything too crazy other than kick, push her tiny feet into my right side, and punch way down low.

I thought I must have put her to sleep on my long run last weekend, because after I got home and washed up, she moved the entire rest of the day! She’s kicking her sisters when they lean up against my belly for story time (although no one has felt her from the outside yet), and one morning, I sneezed and she immediately kicked me in response. Funny, funny baby.

Cravings: Chocolate-chip cookies and those Cheetos. Seriously with the Cheetos… I really hate that I crave unhealthy snacks like that in pregnancy. I guess there are worse things, right?

What I miss: Actually cooking for my family. I feel like I make one big batch of something (shredded chicken, spaghetti, etc.), and then they eat it all week long. Food just isn’t appealing to me in general so there is nothing I am excited about cooking.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’m in that “eat to live”, not “live to eat” category right now. I look through my recipes and everything just seems gross to me. Chicken and salad dressing are on my bad list right now, and I still gag sometimes, but I am doing okay.

Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: Ran 26.3 miles (longest run was 7.1 miles); walked 2.1 miles. Best average pace this week was 9:33 min/mile. Fitbit total steps: 80,011. I’m feeling good, but definitely starting to feel my lower abs get sore, especially on those longer runs. I really should start using the belt! I also want to get out for more walks with the girls, but the weather just hasn’t been cooperating.

Mood: Excited, but to be honest, I am still a worrier, just in general. I want her to stay safe in there.

Best moment this week: Feeling her kick more! It’s my favorite.

Looking forward to: Seeing my in-laws next week!

Big sisters: Name suggestions from them this week include: Rainbow, Bowie, and Flower. Kaelyn cannot stop talking about how the baby is coming after her birthday, although usually, she says she wants us to have the baby, and then have her party afterward. Hopefully she isn’t too early, but I guess we’ll see. I think we might be pretty close to having a shared birthday.

Comparison: 21 weeks with Kaya; 21 weeks with Kaelyn; 21 weeks with Nella.