baby #2: 21 weeks

(written February 19th)_MG_1411Baby’s size: Crown-to-rump length is about 7.25 inches, and she weighs about 10.5 ounces. Apparently, this makes her the size of a banana!
Maternity clothes?: I am amazed that my jeans are still buttoning. They are a bit uncomfortable at the end of the day… but usually I feel that way even when not pregnant. Shirts are starting to feel a little short, but I know that maternity tops will be waaay too big at this point.
Gender: A sweet baby girl 🙂
Sleep: Yikes. Not a lot this week, but it has nothing to do with pregnancy. Kaya is up at random times and still either not napping or taking really short ones.
Movement: Usually a lot! I feel her several times throughout the day. When we’ve been up in the middle of the night with Kaya, Peanut is usually kicking like crazy!
Cravings: Still just chocolate-chip cookies and milk, but I’m really trying hard to not overindulge.
What I miss: A consistent schedule with Kaya and sleep.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Just a few nauseous moments here and there… nothing major though.
Belly Button in or out?: In for sure.
Exercising?: I only ran 12 and walked 2 miles this week because of the snow. Bleh.
Mood: I am seriously crying at everything. Even Tim McGraw got me today.
Best moment this week: Revealing that we’re adding another princess to our family and friends! Everyone has been so incredibly excited and I love it.
Looking forward to:
Comparison: 21 weeks with Kaya! Yeah… we’re just going to say that 21 weeks is consistently a little awkward for me as far as how my belly looks.21weekcomparison