pie face

Because anything that has to do with people getting food smashed in their faces deserves its own post, right?

We gave Michael the Pie Face game for Christmas (as a “family gift”) after Kaya had played it in Primary one Sunday (where it was members of the bishopric who got whipped cream splattered on their faces)! I saw it on super sale and just had to grab it. Naturally, we broke it in for family night one week!Michael made up this whole game where the girls had to fill in the correct lyrics to Primary songs, and if they chose right, we’d turn the handles on the game to see if Daddy would get hit (of course, he had to be the one to go first)!I don’t know if it was funnier watching Michael get messy or the girls’ anticipation and reactions to it all. Goofy, gasping gigglers! I took a turn too, mostly due to some peer pressure (ahem… Michael)! It actually felt a lot less messy than I was expecting.
We were pretty surprised when Kaya asked to have a turn! She is really sensitive about anything being on her face (even just water while in the bathtub), so this was a pretty big thing for her.She was definitely a little nervous……and uncertain when it got her……but she started laughing not long after (and enjoyed eating the whipped cream off her face for sure)!Nella and Kaelyn just ate some whipped cream… and Nella might’ve ended up messier than anyone who actually played the game.So fun! I love family game nights (and that our kids are actually getting old enough for them)!