it’s the little things || the way she holds my hand

Some of my favorite moments are the ones that seem the very smallest in our day._MG_1984It’s the way she smiles and points out all the sheep, puppies, and ducks on our walks.
How her hair blows in the springtime breeze.
Feeling the warm sun on our skin.
When she holds my hand just because she wants to, and my finger goes numb from her gripping onto me so tightly.
The smell of sunscreen on her baby-soft skin.
Splashing and giggling in the bathtub.
The kinks and curls her wet hair naturally falls into.
A long “goodnight hug” where she strokes my arm with her tiny fingers.
It’s the way I miss her when she’s sleeping.

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100-mile weekend

Michael had his annual bike race this weekend! It’s the Tour de Cure, an effort to raise money for diabetes research. He did 100 miles again- in 5:51:06 (that’s an average of 17.21 mph, and ten minutes faster than his ride last year)! We could not be more proud of him.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis was the first year that we didn’t make the trip there with him. It was just too many hours in the car in a short timespan (and most of his family is currently working all crazy hours and wouldn’t really have time to visit with us anyway…)

So Kaya and I stayed home and tried to keep busy without Daddy. She probably totaled about 100 miles herself on her rocking horse…

04252014kayacollage1On Saturday, she actually slept in until 9! It still feels a little strange to me when I’m up and about before she is._MG_2150Michael had perfect weather for his ride, and we had a perfect day for spending lots of time on the playground!_MG_2160She never actually went down the slide… she just kept climbing up as far as she could and would slink down with a giant grin on her face!04262014collage204262014collage3We were so happy to have Daddy come home in time for dinner on Sunday night. Kaya is a happy, easy-to-care-for kid, but it is always nice to have his help! 🙂

How was your weekend?

baby #2: 30 weeks

_MG_2133Baby’s size: The book puts her at about 3 pounds and 17 inches long. At my appointment this week, my fundal height is still one week behind. At least we are staying consistent here!
Maternity clothes?: Yes… and I’m nervous that even some of my maternity tops might get too short!
Gender: Sugar and spice 🙂
Symptoms: There were a few days this week where my belly just felt sooo tight and uncomfortable. I guess everything was just stretching. Luckily, it’s passed and I’m feeling a lot better.
Sleep: Still waking up a lot and having weird dreams, but otherwise, good. I’m usually awake at 5 am every morning and can’t sleep much after that.
Movement: She is moving almost always now! She was crazy while we were at my appointment this week, so her heart rate was up. She even hit/kicked the doppler! My OB was really impressed with all her activity and said she must be really healthy 🙂
Cravings: Ice cream!
What I miss: I’m kind of missing feeling fit and lean, but I’m not thinking about it too much because I know I’ll miss the baby bump when it’s gone!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’ve been a little nauseous again in the mornings and at night, which is when my morning sickness used to peak in the first trimester.
Belly Button in or out?: Amazingly still in.
Exercising?: Ran 16 miles and walked 4. Running is starting to (sometimes) feel difficult.
Mood: I’ll admit that I was a little stressed earlier this week… but now that I’ve started checking some things off my to-do list, I’m feeling a lot better.
Best moment this week: Just hearing that everything looked great at my doctor appointment was a great feeling! I also (finally) chose and ordered her diapers, which helps me feel a little more prepared and excited!
Comparison: I thought I’d be cool and wear the same shirt… 30 weeks with Kaya! I think there is definitely a difference in the shape and size of my belly now.30weekcomparison

kaya- 19 months!

(written April 21st)_MG_2030-2

Clothing size: 12-18 month pants, 12-18 month onesies, 2T tees, and 12-18 month jammies. Size 5 shoes.
Eyecolor: Hazel/Gray/Greenish.
Teeth: Eighteen!!! Out of nowhere, I noticed her lower 2-year molars poking most of the way through. I’m not sure how I missed their debut (especially since I do brush her teeth every day). It’s so crazy to me that she got them so early!
Eating: She’s back to being picky again. She’s a cheese-aholic (especially since we introduced her to the string variety) and only wants to eat off our plates. Sometimes, she’ll eat my salad with me, but she mostly wants just cereal, pretzels, or peanut butter. She still loves Mexican food, but it just depends on her mood whether she’ll eat it or not.
New words: Cheese, stretch, tickle, go, cocoa, quack, ruffruff, and bawk (like a chicken)! She’s still not talking a whole lot, but she’s definitely making a lot more effort lately. She is pretty much a pro at animal sounds!
Favorite things:
She is suddenly SO obsessed with ducks- real ones or the rubber kind. She gets so excited and quacks like crazy. She also loves going outside/running around, going down the slide, cuddling, bubbles, “reading” to us, and riding her rocking horse. She’ll also drop everything and dance for Luke Bryan, Keith Urban and Taylor Swift!
Nothing that I can think of.
Bedtime is around 7-7:30 pm, and she wakes up around 8 or 8:30 am lately. Naps are about 2.5-3 hours long and usually start around 1 pm.
Milestones, etc.:
– She’s using a lot more words.
– She started going to nursery at church… sort of. She cries as soon as we get in the room and we can’t leave her side.
– She is a great helper. She throws away her own trash, empties the dishwasher with me, and helps load the clothes dryer.
– She can point to her toes, nose, ears, eyes, and mouth when asked!
– She gives hugs by request… cutest. thing. EVER.
– She can go down the slide all by herself!

Dear Kaya,

You are such a little monkey these days! We try to get outside and wear you out on every sunny afternoon we can. I love taking you for walks and seeing you stare at the world around you. You really love pointing out all the sheep, ducks, and puppies that we pass by!_MG_2064I’ve started to ask you “where’s your baby sister?”, and you’ll point at my belly. If I ask you to, you even give her a kiss! I just know you are going to be her best friend and my biggest little helper.

Love, Mommy

hop hop hop

At mealtime lately, Kaya has been saying “hop, hop, hop!” as her food gets closer and closer to her mouth. It’s adorable, and since we just celebrated Easter, I can’t think of a better title for this post!

If any food could really hop, it’d be these donut bunnies! This is how we started off our Sunday morning 🙂
Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetKaya was unsure about it at first, but she was overly excited when she realized that her breakfast was a bunny:_MG_207504202014kayacollage1The Easter Bunny made a stop at our house, and I think he spoiled Kaya just a little!_MG_2089(The Reese’s are to share with Daddy, of course…)_MG_209104202014kayacollage3_MG_2096She loved her puzzle and had to point out every chicken to Daddy._MG_2097Ponies…_MG_2118Her very favorite was this little wind-up bunny. It hops like crazy and she LOVES it._MG_2112She’ll give him a kiss, but is too afraid to pick him up. Jax was a little too interested (as you can see) and has already tried to eat it.04202014kayacollage2We had a great day at church. Michael gave a talk and I taught a lesson, which helped us both focus on the true meaning of Easter. I am so thankful for Christ and His resurrection, because this way I can keep my little family forever.

Jeff and Lelia came over and we all had pulled pork, potatoes, and salad as our holiday meal. Yum! I didn’t take any pictures, but we had a fun (and delicious) time! 🙂

egg hunt 2014

Saturday morning was our town’s community Easter egg hunt! Kaya was too little last year, so I was really looking forward to taking her this year!_MG_2030 She had her basket ready!_MG_2031There was a straw-covered, fenced-in area where the kids were supposed to find the eggs. Each kid was assigned a “helper” who would hide the eggs for them and help point them out while parents watched from the side.
_MG_2034 Kaya didn’t want to go in without us. Her helper threw one egg just inside the fence, and I think that’s the only one she actually “hunted”._MG_2036 We found our friends Katherine, Matt, and Mia, and they took a family photo for us 🙂IMG_2044

Even after the official egg hunt was finished, Kaya really liked spilling her eggs on the ground and picking them up over and over again._MG_2050 We met the Easter Bunny, but to my surprise, Kaya had NO reaction. No smiling. No screaming. No crying. She did wave goodbye to him, though._MG_2048 There were some painted bunnies that she liked to kiss…_MG_2053 After all the Easter-themed activities, Kaya and Mia played together on the swings and slide. Kaya even learned to go down all on her own!_MG_2064 _MG_2061

baby #2: 29 weeks

(written April 18th)_MG_2020

Baby’s size: 2.75 pounds and 16.75 inches long!
Maternity clothes?: Um… yes. These chilly mornings have me running in long pants again, which isn’t so great because they are borderline too small. Warm weather needs to stay so that I can run in loose-fitting shorts!
Gender: Sweet baby girl!
Sleep: Waking up to use the bathroom at least once, but otherwise good. I still feel like I need a nap every day…
Movement: She moves almost constantly now. I love touching her and feeling little arms/legs/hands/feet.
Cravings: Milk! Chocolate milk is especially good.
What I miss: My abs! I’ve been remembering how my postpartum tummy looked and how much work it took to get it feeling strong last time. Hopefully I can get there again!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: The glucose test drink. This might deserve a whole post of its own…
Belly Button in or out?: In… but getting flatter.
Exercising?: Ran 20.25 miles (one of those runs was 7.25 miles, which is my longest pregnant distance ever!) and walked 6.5.
Mood: Happy!
Best moment this week: Passing the glucose test!
Comparison: 29 weeks with Kaya!29weekcomparisonAnd Michael was just so excited to try out the updated version of the Android camera app, so he snapped this one of us! It’s supposed to create a kind of background blur/bokeh, but it kind of blurred out Kaya’s eye. Oops. She was fussy, but still cute! 🙂 Love my girls.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset


the time michael (almost) singed off his eyebrows…

… because apparently, using lighter fluid can be trickier than it seems. Somehow, the fire just exploded from the grill and blew him backwards and onto the ground.

I’m so glad I didn’t actually see any of it happen.

His hair and eyelashes are a little shorter, but luckily that’s all (and we still had some pretty tasty food, so everything’s good, right?)
_MG_1990We had some much-needed sibling time this weekend. Kevin and Tori were driving through on their way back from Utah, and they decided to spend a day with us! We hardly get to see them, so it was a real treat. The weather was perfect for a cookout, so that’s exactly what we did!_MG_1991I love seeing Kaya get to know her aunts and uncles better!_MG_1993We finished off the evening with some homemade cookie bars, which tasted a little extra-amazing after all our running and biking earlier in the day. Spring weather, family time, and good food make for some of the best weekends 🙂

five on friday: poptarts, snail mail and ice cream

Five great moments:

ONE. Because I can’t text without making a million typos… and we think poo jokes are hilarious (#yeswearefiveyearsold). I’m glad Michael has the same weird sense of humor I do.

IMG_20140407_140718TWO. Speaking of pootarts poptarts, someone had her first taste of them while we were all sick. If it comes down to eating poptarts or not eating anything… well… at least she (happily) got some calories._MG_1926 _MG_1928

THREE. Suddenly, the grass is green and spring is HERE! We’ve been playing outside every day and I don’t know what we ever did being cooped up inside for all six months of winter.

_MG_1974FOUR. Does anyone still get excited for snail mail these days? I’m super pumped because I used to get Better Homes and Gardens magazine, but never renewed… so they sent me a deal to renew for three years for under $10 total. If it gets cheaper than that, I haven’t seen it!

FIVE. Michael took us on a date to Coldstone, and our little sweets-monster just couldn’t wait to dig in!Processed with VSCOcam with m5 presetHave a sweet weekend!

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baby #2: 28 weeks

_MG_1967 (2)Baby’s size: Almost 2.5 pounds and 15.75 inches long!
Maternity clothes?: Yup. So comfy. I’m super excited that I actually look pregnant now and not like I just ate too many cookies!
Gender: Sweet baby girl!
Sleep: I wake up a lot and have very weird dreams, but other than that, good!
Movement: She’s crazy. I still feel most of her movement below my belly button, so today I asked my OB if he could tell what position she’s in. He is pretty certain she’s head-down, so that just means she likes to punch me a lot! If I touch my belly, sometimes it’s really hard and I can make out limbs (although I’m not sure which ones).
Cravings: Chocolate and Cadbury eggs!
What I miss: My belly has been sooo itchy these past few weeks… so, non-itchy skin? Haha.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: Doing pretty good 🙂
Belly Button in or out?: In… but getting flatter.
Exercising?: I only ran 14 and walked 6 miles… which wasn’t too bad considering that we were sick. Pelvic pressure has increased a lot in the past week, so that makes running a little less comfortable.
Mood: I’m starting to really feel like it’s crunch time… I don’t have diapers for this baby and haven’t even started her quilt. Ah!
Best moment this week: Watching General Conference with my family 🙂
Comparison: 28 weeks with Kaya!28weekcomparisonHere’s a collage of month 6… since we’re officially starting month 7 now (unbelievable)!month6collage

And just so Michael doesn’t feel left out…_MG_1963
(love you, buddy 😉 )