tour de cure (2017)

At the end of April, Michael completed his seventh Tour de Cure bike race! I almost can’t believe he’s been doing this for so long already, but I’m still just as proud of him as ever for helping to raise money for diabetes research.

This year, he did the 65-mile loop, and he got to ride along with Lelia’s mom, Mary!The girls and I ended up staying home again this year (I think we’ve only actually been to two of these races in the past five years, so we don’t really have the best track record)… I always want to go and be there to support him, but it is a long car ride for the kids, who were already unhappy about taking another “big” trip when we originally told them about it. We decided it would be so much easier for Michael to go on his own- he could drive there faster without having to make so many stops, and he’d be able to get a little more sleep the night before the race without having kids there to wake him up. We definitely missed him though.
Thankfully, he took pictures along the way for me!It was a super hot day (probably the warmest of 2017 thus far)! Michael wasn’t able to get much training done before this year’s race (he did only two rides in the weeks leading up to it), so I was a little worried about him in the heat. Thankfully, they have aid stations all along the way, and he was just fine.
He caught up with his mom just before the finish line! This year had the most participants from our family! Lelia’s mom posted this picture on Facebook and I had to share it here too. Michael, his Aunt Liesl, Grandma Gina, and Mary are all hardcore! While Daddy was gone, we enjoyed the warm weather by taking the kiddie pool out for the first time this season! (But seriously, when did Kaya’s legs get so long?!) She loves splashing down into the water, but hates getting any of it on her face. It makes for an interesting experience!Kaelyn didn’t like sliding, so she just played in the pool.

Michael came home late on Saturday night, so everyone was very happy to see him when they woke up on Sunday!

tour de cure 2016 weekend

Michael completed his fifth Tour De Cure (Race for Diabetes) on April 30th! He chose to do the 65-miler this time (you know, only 65 miles instead of 100 like last year… to me, either is a huge feat)! He honestly didn’t have a whole lot of time to train for the race this year due to his schedule, so the shorter ride ended up being perfect for him.

He found a great group to ride with along the way.26778061266_42d0a271bd_o (1)

My awesome mom-in-law raced again this year too! She did 25 miles!Michael’s total time was 3 hours, 53 mins, 23 seconds for 65.44 miles. That’s an average of 16.85 mph!

Once again, I wasn’t at the race this year. It just seems like we always have some other life event going on right around the same time as the race… this year we were preparing to MOVE, so there was plenty to get done! Also, taking the kids in the car for 10 hours within a 24-hour period never really seems appealing._MG_1689We did a lot of packing while Daddy was gone, and also hurried to shampoo the carpets at the new house before he had to leave with the car. I surprised the girls with some new Duplo blocks while I cleaned, and surprisingly, those kept them entertained for most of the 4 hours we were there._MG_1676We were so happy to have Michael home again on Saturday night! Even when he isn’t gone for long, it’s always a relief and a joy to have him back with us.

130 miles for diabetes

Michael completed yet another bike race this past weekend! It was his fifth Tour de Cure race and third 100-mile race, and although he had to cope with the worst weather yet, he did it! It was a bleak, rainy day, and he was pretty wet and cold by the end of it.Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset The best part about this year? His mom joined him for the 30-mile route! They both did so great! Total, they raised $2400 for the American Diabetes Association.Processed with VSCOcam with c3 preset We ended up staying back home instead of traveling to the race with Michael. I was sad not to be there to see him cross the finish line, but after seeing how bad the weather was, it was probably better that we didn’t go.

With staying inside because of the rain and Michael having the car, we did our best to get crazy indoors. I made Kaya’s first-ever braid! I know it’s totally tiny and imperfect… but hey, she had enough hair to do it! I was excited and she loved it.
_MG_7274 We painted a lot of pictures. And Kaya painted over my pictures (please notice how she turned Kaelyn into just a blotted-out blob…)Processed with VSCOcam with a7 preset  Michael got home super late on Saturday night (it was technically almost Sunday)! Both girls were so happy to wake up and see Daddy for the first time in two days!_MG_7289

I love these two little rascals, and we really had the best time we could have had at home without Daddy, but I will say- parenting by myself for a couple days with zero help totally wore me out! I have so much respect for moms who don’t regularly have their husbands home to help with baths and bedtime. Even just a couple hours with him home makes a big difference! 🙂_MG_7284

bike rides and sunshine

Michael drove down to Charlotte, NC this weekend to complete yet another Tour de Cure bike race! He took his friend Marwan with him, and they met up with another random guy to make their own little riding team. They finished 65 miles, although Michael said the route was a little more hilly than he was expecting it to be.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Chester the Cheetah was there before the race, so naturally, Michael asked for a picture with him.Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

Kaya and I stayed home (since traveling at 35 weeks pregnant might not be the best idea) and tried to entertain ourselves. How could I ever be bored with such a cute and funny sidekick?PhotoGrid_1401556126166

We finished a 4-mile walk (Kaya probably slept for about 2 miles of it, which is totally crazy considering how bumpy the walking path is)! After a real nap, we headed to the pool, although Kaya didn’t want much to do with the water at all.Processed with VSCOcam with a6 presetShe enjoyed her snacks in the shade, and I actually got to relax and read a magazine for a little while! Sitting out in the sunshine reminds me how much I love summer days.

Daddy was home in time for dinner, and we enjoyed a (much-needed) restful Sunday.

Happy Monday! 🙂

100-mile weekend

Michael had his annual bike race this weekend! It’s the Tour de Cure, an effort to raise money for diabetes research. He did 100 miles again- in 5:51:06 (that’s an average of 17.21 mph, and ten minutes faster than his ride last year)! We could not be more proud of him.Processed with VSCOcam with c1 presetThis was the first year that we didn’t make the trip there with him. It was just too many hours in the car in a short timespan (and most of his family is currently working all crazy hours and wouldn’t really have time to visit with us anyway…)

So Kaya and I stayed home and tried to keep busy without Daddy. She probably totaled about 100 miles herself on her rocking horse…

04252014kayacollage1On Saturday, she actually slept in until 9! It still feels a little strange to me when I’m up and about before she is._MG_2150Michael had perfect weather for his ride, and we had a perfect day for spending lots of time on the playground!_MG_2160She never actually went down the slide… she just kept climbing up as far as she could and would slink down with a giant grin on her face!04262014collage204262014collage3We were so happy to have Daddy come home in time for dinner on Sunday night. Kaya is a happy, easy-to-care-for kid, but it is always nice to have his help! 🙂

How was your weekend?