baby #4: 28 weeks

Baby’s size: About 2.5 pounds and 15.75 inches tall! Some pretty fun comparisons this week- this is about the size of a tropical coconut, an eggplant, a rollerblade, or an echidna! (Thinking about coconuts has me wishing we were taking a trip to the beach!)

My fundal height measured 27 cm at my 28-week appointment. My midwife didn’t say anything, but this is when I started measuring small with my last two pregnancies, so we’ll see if the trend continues. I just tend to have little babies, and I’m totally okay with that!

Maternity clothes?: Yes yes yes. Though I was actually surprised to see that the t-shirt I got at the 10k fits because I thought I’d have to just save it until after she’s born. I think they just made the small a little bigger this year!

Gender: Sweet sweet baby girl.

Symptoms: I’ve actually been feeling pretty good this week! My legs have been hurting a little, almost like what it feels like after you experience a charley horse… but I haven’t had any of those yet (fingers crossed for the rest of pregnancy), so I’m not sure what it’s from. Hopefully it passes!

Sleep: Michael has had a lot going on with work recently, so he’s been staying up late, which always makes me stay up later than I should, too. I know… I should be able to just go to bed on my own, but I like having him there, and I’m also usually a light sleeper and will wake up when he comes to bed, anyway. I’m still just taking lots of naps.

Movement: She moves a TON! If it’s not constant fluttering feelings low in my belly, it’s huge kicks up on the right side of my belly button. I am so grateful that she’s so strong, and I definitely cherish all her movements, but sometimes (especially at night), I wish she’d take a little break!

Cravings: Keeping it real- I had a Wendy’s spicy chicken sandwich this week. I’ve still pretty much been eating just grilled cheeses for dinner, so when I mentioned to Michael that it maybe sounded good, he was more than eager to pick one up for me. I think he is just happy when I don’t feel nauseous and can actually eat.

What I miss: Nothing!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’ve been having a hard time eating my salad lately, and the girls usually end up finishing it. I also had my glucose screening this week, and my practitioners have a “no carbs” rule for the 24 hours before you take it, so that was a little difficult. The drink always makes me sick, but I got through it!

Belly Button in or out?: Mostly flat.

Exercising?: Ran 22.7 miles (longest run was 6.35 miles); walked 3.1 miles. Best average pace this week was 10:13 min/mile. Fitbit total steps: 85,035.

Mood: I literally just painted some sample colors in the stairwell and the hallway… can you say NESTING?! I’ve had a little more energy this week, and I really want to get things done around here.

Best moment this week: Passing the glucose screening.

Looking forward to: Getting some house projects done and hopefully starting on this baby’s blanket this week.

Big sisters: Sometimes the belly is starting to get in the way, and I accidentally bump into Kaya or Kaelyn and nearly knock them over. Sorry girls!

Kaelyn drew this picture below of “her and the baby”. I love all the hearts she made! She’s also really concerned about me nursing the baby and keeps asking if I have any milk. Nella completely weaned a few weeks ago, so I told her there isn’t any milk right now. She told me I’ll have to use my “pumper” to get more. Haha!

Comparison: 28 weeks with Kaya; 28 weeks with Kaelyn; 28 weeks with Nella. I weighed in, and I am spot-on with where I was with Nella at this point. Yay for consistency! I am still feeling small (it’s a relative term) and very comfortable this time.