baby #3: 28 weeks

Third trimester! I almost can’t believe it. We are so close to meeting our baby girl!28weeksBaby’s size: About 2.5 pounds and 15.75 inches tall! Although, at my doctor appointment this week, my fundal height was measuring a week behind. My OB wasn’t worried- I might just have another very petite baby, like Kaelyn.
Maternity clothes?: Yes for sure!
Gender: Girl!
Symptoms: I’ve got an achy tailbone still, but that’s my own fault for slipping on the stairs last week. My hips are starting to loosen up, but nothing is painful yet.
Sleep: I don’t function well without a nap these days. I’m just grateful my kids still take a nap/rest in their room every afternoon! I’ve also been using my body pillow a lot more, much to Michael’s dismay, since it takes up almost half the bed!
Movement: Yeah… I’m pretty sure this kid never sleeps. Hopefully she gets it all out of her system now and is a calm, good sleeper when she arrives!
Cravings: Pepper Jack cheese and cookies. I feel like I have the most random cravings this pregnancy!
What I miss: Nothing really!
Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’m feeling pretty good this week, just a little nausea in the morning.
Belly Button in or out?: Kind of flat…
Exercising?: Ran 23.5 miles, walked 2 miles. Fitbit total: 80,625 steps.
Mood: Sometimes I feel super motivated to work on every project I want to do and get everything done… and then most of the time, I end up feeling too tired to actually finish anything. I’m definitely starting to feel the time crunch as far as having her room ready, hopefully making her a blanket, etc.
Best moment this week: Completing the glucose screening! I’m relieved to have it behind me.
Looking forward to: Visiting with some dear friends this week! 🙂
Big sisters: Kaelyn finally will admit that there’s a baby in my belly! I also forgot to mention it, but Kaya felt the baby kick for real a week or two ago- and she’s still the only one (besides me) that’s felt her! She’s also sure to kiss my belly before bed each night and says “goodnight baby”.
Comparison: 28 weeks with Kaya; 28 weeks with Kaelyn. Despite feeling like my belly is huge this pregnancy, I did some weight comparisons, and I’m actually the smallest I’ve been at this point with any my babies (4 pounds less than with Kaya, and 2 pounds less than with Kaelyn). I’m not sure how that happened, but I’ll take it!