“more walk?”

We can feel spring in the air here. We’re right on the brink of warm weather, sunshine, and long evening light, and after a seemingly eternal¬†winter of being cooped up indoors, I could not be more excited!

Playing outside is one of my very favorite ways to spend the day, and it’s quickly becoming true for my little ladies, too. I love watching Kaelyn discover the entire outdoor world. She smiles and coos while we walk in the stroller, and squeals when she gets to ride in the swing.

Never would I have imagined having two babies of my own swinging next to each other._MG_6694 We’ve taken four walks in two days, and Kaya just keeps asking for “more walk”? almost as soon as we return home each time._MG_6684 While I was pushing Kaya on the swing, I’d look over and see my littlest peanut just beaming at me._MG_6689For now, she’s so content to just watch everything going on around her. I love this little grin.

_MG_6690You know you’ve had a fun day when everyone (including mom) takes an extra-long, much-needed nap. I’ll wear myself out any day to have fun with my babies.

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