baby #2: 23 weeks

_MG_1533Baby’s size: Crown-to-rump length is 8 inches (overall length is over 11 inches)! Weight is about a pound.
Maternity clothes?: Yes to maternity jeans, and without nice long tank tops under most of my shirts, they’d be just a tad too short.
Gender: Our second little princess!
Sleep: Some good nights, some not. Kaya is doing better these last few nights so it’s been great to have (mostly) uninterrupted rest.
Movement: Michael FINALLY felt her move this past week! I also got him to feel her last night and he said “she’s getting strong!” Yup. I know. She does seem to be most active early in the morning and late at night, and if I turn on music or a video of Kaya, her activity tends to increase, too.
Cravings: I think I ate poptarts three or four days in a row… also, ice cream sundaes and Wendy’s chicken sandwich and fries. Nothing healthy. Yikes.
What I miss: Nada.
Anything making you queasy or sick?: We all had colds this past week, and I think the congestion was what made my nausea come back. Sunday was particularly bad… Our friends Ben and Brittany cooked a whole chicken parmesan dinner and I didn’t eat any of it.
Belly Button in or out?: In.
Exercising?: Ran 20 miles.
Mood: Really anxious to get started on some projects for baby girl… but Kaya has needed a lot of extra cuddles lately, so that hasn’t happened yet. I won’t ever complain about extra snuggles though!
Best moment this week: Having Michael feel her move 🙂
Comparison: 23 weeks with Kaya!23weekcomparisonOther notes: I’m pretty sure Jax knows a change is coming. He’s been crazy and acting out, including eating a tupperware lid and a whole bottle of sprinkles from the pantry. He’s also trying to be in our personal space constantly. Crazy dog! I seriously hope he isn’t jealous when Peanut actually gets here.