bah ram ewe

Yesterday was AWESOME!! I finally got out to the sheep barn! Needless to say, it was pouring down rain (yes, I was riding my bike) by the time I got there. Ah well. It was worth it. My sheep is a Suffolk ewe and she's pretty small (which is good, because realistically, I'm kind of a small person. aka not a tough strong man or anything!). Honestly, I never realized how badly behaved Bubbles (my sheep from 2 years ago) really was until I met this girl! She already walks with me without too much resistance, and we even went outside! It took Bubbles weeks to do that. The one funny thing about her though, is that sometimes, when she doesn't want to walk, she tucks up her front legs and jumps! So that's why I'm calling her Frog. You've heard of a pig that thinks it's a dog, well, here's a sheep that thinks it's a frog!

Michael picked me up from the barn and we went to Subway for dinner! A nice end to a rainy day! =)

Today, I took the divider out of the guinea pig cage. Yep, after about a month, Maggie and Juni are back together! They are thrilled to have their big cage again and have been running and popcorning like crazy! Maggie is pretty glad to be in charge again… which means Juni has retaliated by spraying pee in her face. Oh, sisterly love!


It's Sunday! Today we had our ward Easter program, and it was amazing! The choir sang three songs (Michael played the piano for each of them, and of course he was amazing). The Spirit was definitely there as we sang, and I hoped the congregation could feel it too. I am really grateful that our Savior came here and was willing to sacrifice His earthly life to be able to save the rest of us. How amazing is that?

Yesterday we tried to go on a date, but basically, we realized that I am probably the most indecisive person ever. In the entire world. So Michael just got me in the car and we went out! We ended up going to Cici's Pizza for dinner- I haven't been there in forever but it was fun! My family and I used to go there sometimes and Karl would always try to take full advantage of the buffet!

We also had a Coldstone gift card and someone (aka Michael) was anxious to use it so we went there too. Yummy! I do miss real Italian ice cream though.

At the end of the night, we also ended up getting "Toy Story", which includes a free movie ticket for the third movie. Pretty good, huh?

Earlier in the week, I asked my mom to send me some of Maggie's "baby pictures". Look how sweet my girl was (and still is!):

work work work

This week is quite busy so far, but that is nothing out of the ordinary these days. Michael has this huge project due this week, so his partner has been over and they've been living, eating, and breathing this assignment. I had a midterm today… and another one on Thursday. The only day I'm "allowed" to go out and work with my sheep is tomorrow, but sadly I think it might have to wait until next week =(

Maggie's incision is almost completely closed now. I'm glad we could help my little girl. Lately, I've been putting their blanket down in the kitchen and letting run and play in there, since it's bigger than their cage. They also haven't lived together since Maggie's surgery (3 weeks ago), so they like to have supervised playtime.

Tonight during their dinnertime, they got so excited that they knocked over their playpen gate! Here's a video:

On another note, my wandering eye gets me into trouble. Today I found a sweet little guinea pig that people are trying to get rid of… in the pictures she looks so frightened and I just want to go pick her up, bring her home and spoil her. She's just 6 months old and is already so unhappy. And I get unhappy because I can't rescue every pig. I can't change the world. I wish I had infinite time, money, and resources. Poor little pig.

family weekend

What a great weekend (despite the fact that I really did NO homework… oops. Or maybe it was great because I didn't do any!)

Friday was pretty boring, until we rented "The Princess and the Frog"! It was so good! I'd even say it had the makings of a Disney classic. The music was great, the characters were enigmatic, and of course, the ending was happy.

On Saturday, Michael's parents came down to go camping (in their RV). So, we went down to visit them. We spent some time hiking… Scrappy was our fearless leader!


Then we went to Red Robin!! I ate a wrap yummm. My tummy was so so so full after that, maybe even too full! It seems like when parents visit, your stomach never goes empty.

Mom I. also had some things for us from her trip to Mexico! She gave me a cute pink bag, fabric to make a skirt, and some vanilla (yes, for baking). I didn't know, but apparently the vanilla bean is thicker and darker down there, and it makes a higher quality vanilla! Cool, huh?

Afterward we watched Michael make a fire the Eagle Scout way, and sat around it until it simmered out. There really is something mesmerizing about watching a fire.

They bid us farewell this afternoon, after Michael's mom made some really really delicious chicken for lunch! =) It was great to have some family time.

sheep, pigs, and a test, oh my!

Ever ride a bike down a huge hill, knowing you really need to use the brakes, but it feels so good to go fast that you just… don't? The weather today was beautiful, and yes, I was riding my bike, full speed down a hill. Spring is in the air, and I know that despite all my "grown up" worries (school, jobs, etc) there's still some kid left in there. OK, probably a lot of kid. It's just fun to let go once in awhile.

Today I had a huge exam. It was so hard, and I studied so many hours for it. I might not have done well, but at least I did my very best. That's all anyone can ask.

Last night, I got "my" sheep for the Livestock show that happens next month! Basically, I get to train it, bathe it and sheer it, then parade it around a ring and hopefully win a ribbon. I am so excited. I did this 2 years ago (missed it last year since I was in Switzerland) and had a blast. My sheep was "Bubbles", and we ended up 4th in our class. Not the best, but now I am more experienced so we'll see how that goes.

Here's a picture of sweet little Bubbles just for you to enjoy:

In other news, Maggie went back to the vet today. This could be the last time, unless I want her checked up on next week. Her staples are out and the incision healed, but it has to stay open to be flushed, so the vet cut it back open. Now I'm in charge of flushing it and filling it with this white goop, until she looks like a "jelly doughnut" (vet's words, no lie!). Anyway, I'm glad my little buddy is OK and still here with me.  If we didn't do the surgery, she would be gone and I would be very lost.

more baking endeavors

Last night I re-did that pizza I made a couple days ago. I actually managed to not flood the thing with tomato sauce this time! And the dough was even a little better too. 

I also baked the "Amish Friendship Bread" that my friend Alynne gave me a starter for! If you don't know, a "starter" is basically just batter in a ziploc that "spawned" from the previous person's batter. So anyway, you have to wait 10 days after the starter was created to add the final ingredients and bake the bread. All the while, it sits on the counter, fermenting away and well… that doesn't smell too good. But don't worry, you bake it for an hour, so it's completely safe!

Anyway, you have to add a pudding mix to it, and naturally I chose chocolate (duh). I threw in some chocolate chips too, and this bread turned out so so so yummy! I would do it again, it was great. Also, I didn't have loaf pans, so this was my excuse to go buy some =)


Having Maggie and Juni separated has really proven who the "messy roommate" is. Take a look for yourself (the brown towel is supposed to be hidden under the fleece… but *someone* keeps moving it!

yumyums and more time at the vet

I've had a lot of "firsts" in the kitchen this week! Okay, well, just two:

Yesterday I made pizza from scratch! My dough turned out great, but sadly, I tactlessly dumped too much tomato sauce onto my creation. This, in turn, caused some of the cheese to come sliding off before I could even get a good photo. Oh well.

Tonight, while hubby was out playing basketball, I decided to surprise him with one of his favorite desserts: cinnamon rolls. His mom makes the best ones ever, and I've never done it before, but I figured I'd try. Can't get better if you don't try, right? Michael ate 2, so either they're really good, or he has no taste buds… haha.

(the finished product!)

Maggie went back to the vet tonight. I was really hoping he would take the staples out, say she was back to normal, and send us home forever and ever. He did say she looks great, and for that I am so thankful. But, she does still have a little bit of infection, so he replaced the antiseptic gauze that was in her wound, and stapled her back up (I must add… she was AWAKE). My little girl is so tough.

Oh… and Juni feels kind of left out. So she asked me to post her picture:

You go Kroger!

I just wanted to give a shout-out to Kroger because they just became a member of my "They are an amazing business" list.  Here's what happened…

Last night, we went shopping at Kroger, just to get the normal stuff… food for the guinea pigs, chips and dip, etc.  While checking out, we do what we always do… scan our Kroger card.  Once we had done so, the screen notified us with "A special message will be printed on your receipt."  Um… ok!  We like special messages!  Well, once we got our receipt, we were informed that there has been a recall for Dean's dip, which we buy fairly often.  The recall was instated because salmonella had been found in the shipment.  Since Kroger keeps track of the things we buy, they notified us that we might have a product that is part of this recall.  Well… it doesn't stop there…

I just got a phone call from, guess who?!?  Kroger!  It was basically the same message… a product you bought has been recalled.  They stated that "this message is possible because you are a loyal Kroger customer and use your Kroger card."  (or something like that) 

So, props out to Kroger!  Sure, you can have all of my data.  You're going to have it whether it's connected to me or not.  At least in this case, it was to protect us.


Oh…and by the way… we had already eaten the dip.  Oops!

how much do i like vacation?

Well, probably more than chocolate, but definitely less than guinea pigs. That's the most accurate comparison I can give you right now.

Anyway… you want to know what I did with my first "official" day of break?  I sewed! and naturally, it was a present for my guinea pigs.

a sleeping bag! and yes, they love it.

it even passes the "comfy" test: