five on friday: fauxhawks and easter eggs

ONE. We’ve been enjoying the sunshine so much this week! Nothing makes me happier than spending all morning outdoors with my babies and feeling the warmth on my skin. I love how much they both enjoy walks and connecting with nature. These are the days I long for all winter!Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset TWO. We had an Easter egg hunt with friends on Thursday! We hardly hid the eggs at all and mostly just threw them on the ground for the kids to pick up… but they LOVED it and had such a great time. Kaya loved opening the eggs and feeding most of the jelly beans to Mia! Haha.Processed with VSCOcam with s3 preset THREE. This girl and her fauxhawk (and how ’bout them cheeks?)! She woke up like this, and her hair held its shape for most of the day._MG_6939I think she’s ready to rock and roll (well, she’s at least got the rolling part down…)_MG_6942 FOUR. Kaya really still needs to be strapped in for meals in order to avoid crumbs and sticky hands everywhere, so I figured it’d be useful to have a second seat where Kaelyn could join us at the table and eat her purees. I bought this one, originally intending for Kaelyn to use it, but Kaya thinks it’s the most fun thing ever to sit in “Baba’s seat”! When we take the tray off, it’s actually been a really great booster seat for Kaya to eat directly on the table. I love having everyone sitting together at mealtimes now!_MG_6936FIVE. Happy Easter! #BecauseHeLives

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  • Chelsea Williams

    How cute 🙂 They look liked they had a blast!!

    • Tara Irwin

      Thanks Chelsea! They definitely had a fun week. Hope you had a great Easter! 🙂

  • Yay for warm weather and getting outside! We need some more of that here stat! Oh and I LOVE the fauxhawk!!! Such a cutie!

    • Tara Irwin

      Thanks Jenny! I hope you get some warm weather and good outside time soon too 🙂