cookies with grandma

My mom came up to visit us this past weekend! She originally wanted to come see us just after my birthday, but then a massive snowstorm squashed that plan. Kaya was more excited than ever for “gwam-ma” to arrive!_MG_6735For every precious pose, there are at least 3 more goofy ones behind the scenes.
03142015collage1 My mom is always up for baking something, so I thought it’d be fun to make sugar cookies for Kaya could decorate with her! I originally wanted to go crazy with shamrocks and green frosting for St. Patrick’s Day… but then I realized that I don’t have a shamrock cookie cutter! And this is coming from the girl who has well over 100 different cookie cutter shapes to choose from… go figure! _MG_6787 We made springtime cookies instead. 🙂_MG_6771 As usual, we also made a pretty big mess…_MG_6785…and Michael made a “doggy doo” cookie. I have no idea why, but he insisted I take a picture, so here it is._MG_6783My mom also brought me some belated birthday presents- earrings and new converses! YAY! _MG_6750 My littlest was in such a good mood all weekend long. This is her insanely-happy smiley face before church on Sunday!_MG_6797 As usual, there isn’t much napping that goes on when we have visitors (and there’s never any napping on Sundays with afternoon church now), so by Sunday night, everyone was exhausted. My little bug just couldn’t stay awake!_MG_6799My mom left yesterday morning, and Kaya has already been asking for her to come back. Soon, we hope! 🙂