my dog might be more popular than me

We went for a 6-mile run on Saturday, and six distinct sets of people said hello… to my dog. That’s more greetings than I probably get in a whole week while out exercising (although a cute, cuddly puppy is a little more inviting than a sweaty girl wearing her hair like she just took a ride through a clothes dryer…)

I’ve been thinking about Greek food for weeks now and we FINALLY went out for some on Saturday night. Mmmm gyros. Of course, Kitty had to come along.092913photogrid1 Lelia and I spent some time planning out all the details of our Halloween party. Halloween festiveness got the best of me, so I went out and bought burlap that very night to make a special craft (hopefully I’ll have it completed and on the blog soon). Check out those candy corns!IMG_20130929_201850

My baby has also realized that she can walk without holding on to furniture, walls, or my pants… so she made it all the way down the hallway yesterday while carrying Kitty and her music radio. She just keeps practicing since then, but I never seem to have the camera right at those exact moments. Mom fail.

And just because… a shameless selfie (with Michael’s computer in the background, of course). I love my best friend (and I love that he let me sleep in two days in a row. If there were an Ultimate Husband award, he’d win, hands down.)