weekend highlights

Our weekend started out pretty great! I love using coupons for my groceries, but there haven’t been too many great deals out there as of late. Well, finally, on Friday, I did pretty well and “saved” about $70! $20 was from coupons alone and the rest was for using my Kroger card, and we don’t have to worry about getting toilet paper or cereal anytime soon.


Then, I had my cake-decorating class on Friday night (my mom-in-law surprised me with these classes for Christmas)! We did piping gel transfer. I know I’m no pro yet, but I think Snoopy turned out pretty cute.

Most of the rest of the weekend was spent hanging around in our jammies._MG_2586

Of course, we went to church on Sunday. I really wanted a new family photo, but winter is back with a vengeance (darn groundhog is never right), and we decided that 18 degrees is too cold to take a photo outside. We tried inside, but realized that the plate for my tripod is too small for my 5D Mark II! I opted for Michael to take one of just Kaya and I, but she wasn’t really interested. Oh well._MG_2592

Lelia and Jeff came over on Sunday night, and we made these M&M cookie bars. Heaven in your mouth, I tell ya._MG_2599

We will definitely be making those again._MG_2601Hope your weekend was as lazy and delicious as ours!