five on friday (05/12)

ONE. We had a church picnic last weekend, and after everyone ate, the kids headed over to┬áthe neighboring playground. Michael ran around with the big girls for about an hour- including going down slides, climbing up onto the playground itself, and really, just being the ultimate dad. I’m so grateful for him and how much he loves spending time with our daughters.I had the easy job and got to just hang out with this pretty, blue-eyed baby! ­čÖé

TWO. We spent some time at the library this week, and the craft station there had supplies for making Mother’s Day cards. Kaya and Kaelyn absolutely love creating things, and I think they would make projects all day long if I let them, but I somehow convinced them that we should leave some materials for other kids to use. I hope the library stays just as fun and exciting as they get older.

THREE. Kaya is becoming quite a little photographer- she snapped this photo of Nella and me this week and I love it. It makes it a little easier to get in photos when someone else can take them for me!

FOUR. Sometimes, you just can’t stay awake long enough for your big sisters to finish lunch so that nap time┬ácan officially begin!┬áSo, you just have to use your ducky as a pillow and sleep wherever you are instead. Nella’s got the right idea- I’ve felt this sleepy all week!FIVE. ┬áSomeone has been channeling her inner Shia LaBeouf… Seriously, I don’t know where she gets this stuff. I think we literally watched that viral video one time, over a year ago… but Kaelyn has recently, and randomly, started saying, “just do it!”, so of course I had to encourage it.

Happy Friday!!!
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  • Love that your library had that spot for them to make cards! What a great idea! Hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day!