father’s day 2017

This already feels like forever ago, but we had a sweet, simple Father’s Day celebration for our one and only best guy. Michael is the most amazing Daddy. His girls are his whole world, and I’m so grateful for his love, patience, and guidance when it comes to raising our daughters.

Each of the girls surprised him with one of his favorite candies…
…and subsequently begged him to share everything with them!Kaya made him a custom pipecleaner-pony-bead bracelet. He’s actually worn it every day for the past two weeks, and it’s surprisingly still holding up!I think the pictures just get crazier as this post goes on…
We ended up having our church’s stake conference on Father’s Day, which made our Sunday schedule a little different than usual. The primary kids sang “I’m So Glad When Daddy Comes Home” the previous week, and at the end of church, all the dads enjoyed some pie.

Of course, we still wanted to make him a special treat on the real holiday. We mixed up some homemade brownies. Kaelyn is always the first to jump up and help me bake!
If you can’t tell, the girls got completely sugar high on the brownie batter. Needless to say, they didn’t eat any actual brownies.

Kaya came home with one of those “my dad” surveys from primary, too. Here were her answers:

My Dad is… 29 years old.
My Dad’s favorite thing to do is… tickle me.
My Dad’s job is… helping me take a bath.
My Dad’s favorite food is… pizza.
My favorite thing to do with my Dad is… play hide and seek.
My Dad is really good at… volleyball.
My Dad makes me laugh when he… tickles me.
I am so happy when me and my Dad… hug each other.

Happy Father’s Day, buddy! We sure are lucky to have you.

five on friday (05/12)

ONE. We had a church picnic last weekend, and after everyone ate, the kids headed over to the neighboring playground. Michael ran around with the big girls for about an hour- including going down slides, climbing up onto the playground itself, and really, just being the ultimate dad. I’m so grateful for him and how much he loves spending time with our daughters.I had the easy job and got to just hang out with this pretty, blue-eyed baby! 🙂

TWO. We spent some time at the library this week, and the craft station there had supplies for making Mother’s Day cards. Kaya and Kaelyn absolutely love creating things, and I think they would make projects all day long if I let them, but I somehow convinced them that we should leave some materials for other kids to use. I hope the library stays just as fun and exciting as they get older.

THREE. Kaya is becoming quite a little photographer- she snapped this photo of Nella and me this week and I love it. It makes it a little easier to get in photos when someone else can take them for me!

FOUR. Sometimes, you just can’t stay awake long enough for your big sisters to finish lunch so that nap time can officially begin! So, you just have to use your ducky as a pillow and sleep wherever you are instead. Nella’s got the right idea- I’ve felt this sleepy all week!FIVE.  Someone has been channeling her inner Shia LaBeouf… Seriously, I don’t know where she gets this stuff. I think we literally watched that viral video one time, over a year ago… but Kaelyn has recently, and randomly, started saying, “just do it!”, so of course I had to encourage it.

Happy Friday!!!
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a rainbow horse birthday party (kaya’s 4th birthday!)

Kaya had been saying that she wanted a “rainbow Chance party” for the majority of the past year. Like most people, you probably have no idea who Chance is… Well, he’s a horse who lives over at the barn I used to volunteer at during college. His pasture was right behind our old neighborhood, so Kaya saw him fairly frequently. I don’t know what it is about that gray horse, but he’s been her favorite for quite a while!

She loved her rainbow party last year, so she requested that again, too. What’s better than rainbows and horses combined?

We kicked off her party day with her favorite donuts. Daddy took the girls to our local donut shop to pick them up, and of course, Kaya chose mostly chocolate cake donuts or chocolate-frosted ones with sprinkles!
_mg_5162 This cake… oh this cake. It might not look like much, but it turned out to be a major labor of love. I actually ended up decorating the entire thing twice because it fell apart overnight… and then it started drooping again before she blew out her candle._mg_5176I think the decorations failed to stay on because I used a new death-by-chocolate recipe that was incredibly moist (and also called for using cooking spray and no flour on the cake pans when baking). It was the easiest cake ever to remove from the pans… but that also meant that the frosting didn’t stay on well at all. It tasted amazing, and I’d definitely use the recipe again, but not for a birthday cake with any kind of buttercream decorations.

The horses are from Playmobil. They really are so cute and well-made, and I’m glad I chose these!_mg_5189This little girl loved her cake so much (and couldn’t wait to play with the horses, of course)!
_mg_5170 _mg_5174 She was so excited for us to sing to her!_mg_5200 _mg_5202 Seriously… this cake was almost as fudgy as a brownie. Mmm._mg_5206 _mg_5208 Some of her presents included undies…_mg_5211 …a Hello Kitty shirt…_mg_5212 … and a “Chance” stuffed animal. She had asked for a “Chance snuggly animal”, and her reaction was just as adorable as I had hoped._mg_5216 Chance has gone everywhere with us ever since. I think he’s going to be a long-term favorite!_mg_5217 Her big gift was this horse stable from Grandma Debbie. I think Lelia and I enjoyed playing with it just as much as Kaya!_mg_5225During all the present-opening, Kaelyn had a good time goofing off with Uncle Jeff. These girls sure do love their aunts and uncles. 🙂
_mg_5220 We kept the decorations as low-key as ever, but we did surprise her with these cute horse balloons!_mg_5232 She also got to wear a fun rainbow tutu, which pretty much made her day!_mg_5237 _mg_5240 Jeff and Lelia brought their puppy, Fallon, so my girls had a great time playing with her all weekend._mg_5246 After the party, we cooked breakfast for dinner. French toast…_mg_5248 … scrambled eggs, and bacon!_mg_5249

Kaya even had a perfect day in Primary at church on Sunday. She got to stand up in front of everyone with her special birthday card while everyone sang to her (and I might have teared up watching from the back of the room… motherhood does crazy things to you!). They also had a lesson about God’s creatures, so her teacher brought in a cat for them to visit with (if you know Kaya, you know she loves cats)!

With all her rainbows, horse gifts, playing with Fallon, and holding a cat in Primary, I think she really had the perfect birthday weekend.

Happy Birthday Sweetie! I hope this is one you remember!

playing daddy’s trumpet

When Michael mentioned to Kaya that he has a trumpet, she begged to see it! He used to be in the marching band during high school, but he really hasn’t had many opportunities to play since then, so it’s been in the closet for a while.

She was so very excited to hear him play “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”!_MG_9493Of course, she was anxious to try it out for herself!_MG_9487 _MG_9495  Kitty had to have a turn, too. 🙂_MG_9488If she really ends up playing the trumpet in band one day, these pictures will make for a fun comparison!

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kaya’s first haircut

Kaya’s hair has been so unruly lately… and because it’s curly/wavy/frizzy, it’s been so hard to tame. Yesterday, I decided it was finally time to even out the back a little bit.

She was super cooperative while I took a few “before” photos…
_MG_6476 _MG_6477 And she sat so very still the entire time. When I was cutting close to her skin, I told her “freeze!”, and she did._MG_6478I’d love to let her hair grow out, but for now, we’re just waiting for the top pieces to catch up to the bottom.
_MG_6482 Bye-bye, mullet!kayafirsthaircut02172015 - Copykayafirsthaircut02172015_2 - CopyKaya really enjoyed the entire process. She turned into a puppy once we were finished! Who knew that grooming a little girl would transform her into a canine? Haha.
_MG_6492Love this sillyhead so much.
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family baby shower

On Saturday, Michael’s family had a double baby shower for cousin Nicole and me! Nicole had her little boy in March, but she lives soooo far away (Vermont!) that she didn’t get to have a family shower before.

Michael and Nicole have always been close cousins. Look how cute they are!

Michael even got a little practice holding her baby!

My mom brought these pretty balloons and flowers to decorate.

So many of my favorite people were there, including Lelia, my mom, and Auntie Joyce! I love this picture because it really captures everyone’s true personality.

We played a fun “mad lib” game, which told stories about Nicole and I going into labor. In my stories I ended up going to the gym while having contractions. Somehow that sounds almost realistic!

Munchkin made out like a bandit and got a lot of clothes, books, pacifiers, blankets and hats. She doesn’t need any more clothes until she is about 6 months old!

The best part of everything was just spending time with my family. Lelia missed her “Daddy Dinosaur” (her nickname for Michael). I’ve missed seeing them together.

Of course we had to do a “dinosaur family” shot.

And then we had to include Jeffrey… Haha!

Thanks so much to everyone who came!