five on friday (07/03)

Happy Friday! We’ve been enjoying our long weekend by balancing some house projects with having fun. There has been a lot going on here lately, with milestones, birthdays (last week and next week), and resuming our schoolwork already. Here are some of our favorite things lately!

ONE. Kaelyn lost her very first tooth this week! We noticed it was very loose the night before her birthday, and then it came out three days later! She was reading a book and it just popped right out. We never found it, and she said maybe she swallowed it. Oops.The tooth fairy still came and brought her a dollar!TWO. Kaya met a big milestone this week, too- she learned to ride her bike without training wheels! It was really no big deal for her. Daddy took her pedals off a few weeks ago to get her used to balancing it on her own, and when he put them back on this week, she zoomed away without any trouble. She loves riding her bike even more now. THREE. Nella needs her little tricycle fixed, but she’s been having fun driving her puppies around in the toy car. She was looking so cute that I just had to take a few pictures. Look at her toes peeking out underneath! And she was wearing her Elmo shirt, of course. THREE. We took about a month off of school, and it was so much fun to see what activities the girls came up with for themselves during the break. There was A LOT of art, crafting, playing outside, and Calico Critter town-building.

I just love seeing them be so creative.
Eve’s version of watercolor painting is literally just painting with water. I gave her her own paints, but this is just how she preferred to do it. Paint until the paper falls apart! I showed Kaya and Kaelyn how they could use crayons to draw and then paint watercolors over it. They had some fun! Nella asked me to paint some fishies with her. I love when she asks to do things together. FOUR. What’s better than puppy snuggles in a hammock? Probably not much!

Our poor Scout has been having some extra vet visits and treatment for what could be early kidney disease. We did some subcutaneous fluids at home with her, and she goes back for bloodwork in a couple weeks. Hopefully, the levels that were elevated will come down. We sure love our puppy. FIVE. I painted everyone’s toes for the first time in a very long time. It was actually a first for Evie! She loved it so much. There’s just something extra sweet about chubby little toddler toes with sparkly colors on them. So many toes! I love these little things with my girls.

Happy weekend!

five favorites (07/17)

It’s not even Friday, but there are always so many little things going on that I’ve been really eager to write here. I could probably write another “Five” in just a couple days (maybe I will!), and there will always be things that I didn’t get to!

ONE. For the past few months, Nella has been obsessed with being the “helper” at mealtimes. When I say, “I’m going to make lunch”, she runs over to the table, drags a chair to the counter, and says, “helper!!!” She sometimes helps put cucumbers atop salads, but mostly, being the helper means she just stands there and eats at the counter.Croutons are a definite favorite of hers right now. TWO. We finally got Kaya a bike! She was just riding the tricycle before now, but she’s really been too tall for it for a while. This one was a lucky Craigslist find that my dad picked up for me. We have a thing for banana-seat bikes around here.
We put it out in the front yard one morning and surprised her when she woke up. She ran to it and wanted to ride right away.It’s been a lot of fun to ride around (mostly just culs-de-sac) with them! Now I need to find a similar one for Kaelyn.THREE. These lucky girls have had some pretty fun daddy-daughter dates lately. I had a meeting, so Michael took all of them out to dinner at Wendy’s (their favorite)!Messy, happy girl.Messy, silly girls!On another day, Michael took Kaya out on some errands with him. Kaya saw this cat swimsuit, and Daddy just had to pretend to try it on!FOUR. We also have some pretty big news around here- Kaya lost her two front (top) teeth! One of them was loose for over a month, so we were all very ready for it to finally come out. She is not a big fan of the actual “falling out” process, but once it’s gone, she’s always excited to get money under her pillow at night and try to put food through the gap at lunchtime.FIVE. Scout is always resting at the top of the stairs, keeping an eye on things. She’s ready to run down at any moment if you drop food or she hears the slightest noise outside. We love this goofy (and loud…) dog!

five on friday (06/08)

Happy Friday! I’m sneaking this post in at the last minute! We’ve mostly just been resting at home this week, but we still had some exciting, fun things happen!

ONE. Kaya had what feels like a huge milestone this week… she lost her first tooth!!! She started telling us that her tooth was hurting when she took a bite of toast back at the end of May, so we checked, and sure enough, it was loose! It took almost 2 weeks for it to fall out, but she liked wiggling it (and having Michael and I wiggle it) in the meantime. I feel like it was just yesterday that she was teething and having all these baby teeth come in.Once it got very, very loose, Daddy told her about the old “tie a string to it and pull it out” trick… so she asked to do it. We set it up, twice actually, but both times, she ended up changing her mind and not wanting to go through with it. Funny enough, once she decided she wasn’t going to pull it, she moved her head just the right way (with the string still attached to her tooth) that it came right out on its own.There was some crying involved, due to the newness of the experience, but a little ice cream fixed that!She was so excited to get a dollar under her pillow, especially because she’s now saved up enough for her own little camera!Kaelyn was a little upset that she didn’t get a dollar… but we told her that she will when she loses a tooth! She’s so excited to do everything her big sister does.TWO. We started off our week at our neighbor’s dinosaur birthday party! There’s no better kid party than one at a playground, with cupcakes, cookies, and ice cream as refreshments, right?

I took this picture and then couldn’t stop laughing about it, because it’s so real life… Nella’s shoving as many cookies as we’d let her have in her mouth, meanwhile, Michael is cleaning up Kaelyn’s entire cupcake off the floor. Oh, parenthood. (That cupcake on Nella’s plate also met its fate on the ground…)Bigger mess = more fun, right?The party-horn-blowing fun lasted for days afterward… Nella kept saying, “Gaaaaain!” (Again!) when Kaya would do this!THREE. We finally took our family/maternity pictures this week, and I think these might be my favorites of us ever. The lighting and weather were just perfect, and I’m happy to have some updated shots of just Michael and me together, too. I’ve already ordered the prints and cannot wait to get them up on the wall. I’ll be sharing more later, but here’s a sneak peek!FOUR. Keeping on with the unofficial “weekly hammock photo” tradition… nothing makes them happier than snacks and being outside! I love each of their unique grins.Daddy got some Nella snuggles in, too. She’s been extra cuddly with her “Daaaa” lately.FIVE. I just had to end this with her huge grin! Nella loves her baby dolls, and plays with them every day. I can’t wait to see her smile when she holds the new baby so soon!

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