five favorites (08/19)

I’m brightening up a Monday with one of my favorite ways to blog… sharing five of the best things that have been going on here lately! It was a good day as far as Mondays go, actually, this just makes it even better.

ONE. Last week, we had what was probably our last day at the outdoor pool. They close during the week once public school starts (and it has now), and I’m not sure if we’ll be back there on a Saturday sometime before it completely closes down for the season. We soaked it all in and made the very most of it.

Nella absolutely loves this whale fountain in the baby pool!

There are some pretty strong fountains in the baby pool, too. Nella loves just sitting between them.

Being the littlest sister definitely has its advantages… someone is always willing to play with Eve! Kaya loved bouncing her up and down in the water.I brought the girls their own little bags of chips as a special snack to have during the mandatory swim break. I think they might have been just as excited about eating these as they were about swimming (especially Nella and Eve)! Kaya also told me that this is the best picture of Eve I’ve ever taken, haha.Not the best quality photo, but I got us all in and everyone is looking (also, Eve’s little grin)! Again with the chips! I promise this isn’t sponsored by Ruffles, haha.

It was pretty empty. I guess most people already felt like summer was over. I’m definitely going to miss this place until next year.

TWO. We’ve been homeschooling through the summer, but we were a little more low-key for most of it, just doing language arts and math. We finally dove back into history and science, and Kaya and Kaelyn are loving it. We started with Ancient Greece, so they had a “Greek snack” (olives, grapes, and pita chips) while they listened to me read. They thought this was so much fun!They also designed their own “red clay pottery” with scenes that depict their everyday lives. Kaya drew herself with the deer who visit our yard, and Kaelyn drew herself at the playground.We also did a “lab” for science where the girls made their own play dough. They loved it so much! I love watching them have fun and explore.

THREE. If you’re wondering what Nella and Eve do during all this school, half the time, they’re playing with water out on the deck! If they aren’t happy doing that, they’re usually having a snack.Nella could do this for hours.Standing in a bowl of water is equally fun.Nella always cracks me up with the outfits she chooses. Somehow, she had on a shirt without pants, and before I knew it, she had put on her boots to go out and play. Boots with no pants. I don’t think that’s going to be trendy anytime soon… at least, I hope not!

This might be one of the last pictures of her in a diaper, because we’re ever-so-slowly starting potty training with her! I’m nervous and excited to finally get this going.

FOUR. Remember our plants? They’ve grown SO much! I’m so proud of Kaya and Kaelyn for watering and taking care of them every single day, sometimes twice a day (those tomatoes need a lot of water)! Kaya heads outside as soon as she wakes up to check on them, and if Kaelyn sees the tomatoes drooping, she’ll say “Uh-oh, the tomatoes are looking sad!” Kaya found the tiniest little tomatoes growing yesterday morning. She was so excited! We also have some beans, but no sign of any cucumbers yet. I am so grateful that Kaya and Kaelyn could have this experience of tending to a living thing all on their own, and that they are able to see the fruit that comes from diligence and patience.FIVE. We’ve had quite a few storms lately, and when the sun came out immediately after one, we ran outside as fast as we could to see if there was a rainbow. There was! These were some happy girls!It actually became a double rainbow, but with all the cloud coverage, it was impossible to see it all the way across the sky. Looking at the rainbow out there in the drizzle with my girls was so simple and sweet.
Happy Monday!

five on friday (12/09)

ONE. We are counting down the days until Christmas (16, if you’re wondering)! I don’t think there have ever been two little girls more excited for the big day than these two are, and it’s been really fun to see their anticipation and joy grow so much this year. If you even mention the word “Christmas”, Kaelyn is more than ready to tell you all about how she wants a (stuffed) “puppy mommy [with] babies”. I’m really looking forward to these next few weeks filled with festivities and family._mg_6886

TWO. We’ve been working really hard on our phonics and letter-writing this week. Kaya is suddenly obsessed with copying words, so she’s been diligently practicing that as well as flipping through her alphabet flashcards and announcing all their sounds._mg_6990Her writing definitely isn’t in a straight line, but it is legible! This reads: “I love you Grandma P”. (She added a P at the end because she asked me how to spell “grandpa” afterward, and I told her it was the same as “grandma”, just change the “m” to a “p”. Haha.)
img_20161202_104244For Kaelyn, school sometimes turns into seeing how many markers she can stack without having them topple over.

THREE. We did it! We started potty training last week, and this little girl was almost instantly a pro. I’m so proud of Kaelyn, and grateful that this endeavor wasn’t nearly as messy as I was expecting (which is mostly why I kept putting it off)! She loves wearing undies like a big girl now (although she only wants to wear pairs that are blue or have puppies on them, which are in short supply at our house, so we might have to go shopping, haha).


FOUR. Sweet Nella has been smiling so much these past two weeks! I am so obsessed with these cheeks and that mohawk and her little dimples.12072016collage1

FIVE. If that wasn’t enough cuteness for you, Google automatically created an animated GIF just to make everyone’s hearts melt a little more. 🙂


Happy Friday!!!

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five on friday (11/11)

ONE. These sisters! I could say it over and over again, I love how much they all love each other. Nella is already a precious part of their little group, and I know it won’t be long before she’s running around right behind them._mg_6617_mg_6624TWO. Kaya has been really into drawing lately, and I have to say, her skills have really advanced! Here’s a portrait of “Meowy” (aka Kitty):_mg_6653… and “a mommy and a daddy bird at the hospital having a baby”. Haha!
img_20161109_183620THREE. The weather has cooled off a whole lot, so we’ve tried to get outside in the afternoon when it’s a bit warmer. I love wearing Nella and having her cuddled up so close to me (it’s also a plus to know she’s warm in there)!img_20161108_111121img_20161108_111032FOUR. Kaelyn has been doing all these big girl things lately, and sometimes I really can’t believe that she’s not a baby anymore. She gets the step stool out when she needs to reach something (whether it’s the kitchen counter, the sink, or the lock on the door); she’s talking a ton, and this week, she’s had several successes with going on the potty! I’m not sure I’m ready for the marathon of messes and running to the bathroom that potty training entails, but she sure is acting ready, so we might be doing it very soon!
_mg_6636FIVE. Michael’s already trying to turn the baby into a Trekkie. They snuggled and watched the newest movie a few nights ago. I love seeing my sweetheart spending time with our baby._mg_6531

Happy Friday!

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five on friday (09/16)

ONE. My Dad came up for a couple of days this week to help us work on our basement. He and Michael ripped out old baseboards, cut and installed new ones, and patched drywall. It was almost two full days-worth of hard work, and it’s still not completely done, but I am so grateful for the help and the fact that this project got started!

Kaya is in love with each of her grandparents (especially when they share candy with her- this time it was Whoppers)!_mg_5006 TWO. I picked up a used game of Candy Land for $2.50 a couple of weeks ago, so we’ve been having a good time playing together (and teaching Kaelyn her colors)! This was my favorite game as a child, so it’s extra fun to see my kids enjoying it._mg_5084 Somehow it seems like I always end up back at the Peppermint Forest whenever I’m close to winning. Kaya always reassures me, “It’s okay, Mommy, we can play again”. Aww._mg_5085

THREE. The young men at church made dinner for our young women on Tuesday night, and they were literally running to give each girl a rose as she came in. So sweet! We leaders each received a rose too, and I’ve been enjoying its fresh scent and beautiful color all week.

FOUR. The weather is changing, and we’ve had a fair mix of hot days and somewhat chilly mornings and evenings. We took a walk without the stroller (Michael had the car and it was accidentally left in the trunk, whoops!), and Kaelyn actually walked a whole mile on those little legs. My girls are getting so big!

FIVE. Speaking of growing up… someone has started wanting to sit on the potty this week! (And yes, this is a completely unrelated picture of her blowing bubbles, because one thing I won’t do is post pictures of my kids sitting on the toilet…) We haven’t had any luck yet, and honestly I’m not sure I’m up for potty training her a few weeks before baby comes, but this is a positive step in the right direction! Both of my girls have shown interest in potty training right around the same age, all on their own._mg_4998

Happy weekend!!!

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five on friday: a prankster, bubbles, and baby blues

ONE. This week has been full of ups and downs (quite literally, with how often I’m jumping up to run to the bathroom) with potty training. I’ve also realized I’m working with a prankster! She’ll tell me “pee!” and then as soon as I jump to come get her, she cackles and says “noooo”. I love this crazy comedian.

_MG_6327TWO. If Kaelyn comes to your house, don’t offer her a drink- she’ll probably just spit in it! Haha. She is still all about blowing raspberries and spit bubbles over here._MG_6318THREE. Apparently, so is Michael. Not much has changed in two years (he’s even wearing the same shirt)!michaelraspberriescollage15FOUR. The way these two just look at each other and make each other laugh… I know one day they’ll be giggling late into the night in their room when they’re supposed to be sleeping. 🙂_MG_6329FIVE. These baby blues. Be still my heart! _MG_6332I’m also just maybe a little obsessed with animal-themed hooded towels. If only they could stay little enough to use these forever! 🙂_MG_6337
Happy Friday!

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five on friday! (01/30)

ONE. Our biggest news of the week has to be that little Miss Kaya is officially undergoing potty training… and it was all self-initiated! She just started asking to go sit on the potty… and keeps having success! She’s still currently wearing her diaper, but hey, we’re making progress, albeit slowly. I am so proud of my big girl! She gets a sticker on her paper every time she goes.

_MG_6227 TWO. I have finally figured out how to get Kaelyn to nap in the afternoon! I tuck her in all cozy and warm, and she sleeps for about two hours. It is so strange having a couple hours all to myself… but it’s great, and everyone is happier when the baby is well-rested! 🙂_MG_6234 THREE. In my attempt to stop eating cookie dough in the middle of the afternoon, I’ve started having yogurts. These cookies-n-creme yogurts might not be much healthier than ooey gooey chocolate chip cookies… but hey, they taste amazing (and who could pass up a 35-cent snack?)!_MG_6231 FOUR. I’ve been wishing for a bigger crockpot for ages now, and I saw a deal on one last weekend on Amazon. I got excited, but like always, I hesitated to order it, because I truly don’t like spending money (especially for something I want). Michael went ahead and just ordered it for me, and it came this week. I married a pretty great guy… and I can’t wait to use this for making homemade “rotisserie” chicken! (also, is there anything cuter than a baby in a box?)_MG_6221 FIVE. Love these little buddies. They are best friends, and I’m grateful for their company in the kitchen while I cook. (and yes, Jax is always lurking in the background… haha!)_MG_6208Happy weekend to you all!

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