five on friday (06/30)

It’s super late and I should be in bed, but I have a hard time letting a Friday go by without listing five great things from the week!

ONE. The biggest event of the week- our second sweet princess turned 3 years old! We had her party last weekend, but on her real birthday, we went out to the local bakery and treated her to any cookie she wanted. She, of course, chose one that had a 10:1 frosting to cookie ratio. A girl after my own heart! She was beaming as we sang “happy birthday” to her right in the middle of the mall. We went to play on the indoor playground afterward. I love how the simple things are her favorites.

TWO. Grandma came down for Kaelyn’s party, and stayed for a couple of days at the start of the week. We had a nice long walk and some time at the playground and in the yard with her. These girls sure love their Grandma Debbie (even if I could only convince two of them to get into a photo with her)…

THREE. My garden is growing! For real! I’m amazed to see these plants growing so big, and I’m actually getting kind of attached to them, so here’s to hoping that nothing comes along and eats them. There’s no produce yet, but I have a couple of cucumber plants… … some green beans… …and one lone cherry tomato plant. I’m so excited to hopefully see some food growing on these soon!

FOUR. What’s cuter than a baby in just a tank top and her diaper? One of my favorite things about summer is being able to leave her arms and legs bare so I can see those squishy little rolls of hers! Baby chub is the best.

Also, these little toes!

FIVE. It’s been a while since Freyja and Claire have graced the blog with their presence, so here they are in all their fuzzy glory. Kaya and Kaelyn helped me give them a little “spa night” a couple weeks ago, where they had baths and got their nails clipped. The pigs didn’t enjoy the process, but I can tell you that they do like to feel clean when it’s all done. Claire reminds me of a little teddy bear!Happy weekend!

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freyja and claire

We’re back from (almost) a week of traveling and visiting our families! We left town with four family members in our car…

…and came back with six! We added two furry little guinea pig babies to our family! Meet Freyja and Claire!
They are about 6-8 weeks old and most likely sisters. They definitely enjoy each other’s company and have been caught snuggling many times already. If we hold Claire by herself, she’ll usually start “wheeking” (that’s guinea pig language) for Freyja until she knows where she is.

Claire seems to be slightly more dominant thus far. Both are very outgoing, but Freyja is a bit more social. She’s comfortable enough with people to nearly doze off while being held.Kaya is so happy to have pets again (after a hiatus of two months), and has been so loving and gentle toward them. She loves helping me feed them and asks to see and hold them all the time._MG_9062 Michael finished building their cage last night, so they’ve been adjusting to that and have enjoyed jumping around in it. They seem so tiny next to the food bowls!_MG_9097