five favorites (08/03)

What better way is there to kick off a Monday than with some fun things we’ve been up to lately? I still find so much gratitude when I write these posts, so even if they’re only for myself, they are definitely worth the time.

ONE. We introduced the girls to tie dye! They have been looking forward to it all summer long, and I was just waiting for shirts to go on sale so we could use the kit I already had. Everyone chose a different design, and we helped put the dye on. Daddy did his shirt last, so there wasn’t much dye left. We let the girls go crazy with the remaining dye and make his shirt however they wanted. It turned out pretty cool!

Eve was not into taking this picture at all. It kind of cracks me up. Real life, you guys. Always my little monkey.We all matched for our family walk. These little moments are so precious. TWO. Kaya, Kaelyn, and Nella decided that they wanted to make playdough one afternoon. All I did was print the recipe, and they executed it all on their own! It’s amazing to see how much they have grown to be able to do.
This kept them busy for hours… and kept me sweeping up playdough for days. Haha.Sensory play is the best!
THREE. After the girls finished their virtual race series a couple months ago, we let them choose if they wanted the commemorative medal or a race t-shirt. They all chose medals, but it took quite a while to get them in the mail. They finally came at the end of last week, and it was like a mini-Christmas. I loved their giant smiles as they ran around wearing them. They definitely earned these! This is one of the most genuine Nella smiles I’ve captured.FOUR. Our church Primary put on a “drive-through ice cream” activity last week. It was so simple, but it meant so much to the girls to get out and do something special. The pandemic has still changed things for them, and they miss going out as a family. I was okay with this since it was outdoors and low-attendance. We are definitely out of practice with leaving the house, though- we completely forgot the diaper bag and wipes to clean everyone up afterward. Thankfully, we were able to borrow some (especially since Eve was completely covered in popsicle juice just moments after I took this picture)!FIVE. Family movie nights are the best. I think the girls’ favorite part is the popcorn, but I love snuggling up with freshly-bathed babies in soft pajamas. There’s nothing better.
They’ve recently discovered the Sophia the First TV series, so we borrowed the movie from the library to get the whole backstory. They loved it.

blog every day in may | day 30: my favorite disney movie

blogeverydaymaybutton30I probably spent waaay too much time trying to decide on an “ultimate favorite” Disney movie. There are so many good ones! I didn’t want to pick anything too new… it has to stand the test of time! So I went with…

Beauty and the Beast.

It’s got good music and lovable characters, but what I think strikes me the most is one of the life lessons it teaches.

You can be whoever you want to be.

Whether you want to be a girl who goes against popular social stigmas, a mean and ugly beast, or a candlestick… You can choose your attitude and you can decide whether you’ll change or not. And, go figure, the choices you make can deeply affect others around you.


This weekend has been great! =) Yesterday we went clothes shopping together for the first time! It was fun, but guess who ended up getting more clothes? Yeah, Michael. haha! But it's cool, since he really needed some new things, like pants and polos… At the end of the day, I did get a cute new dress.

What else was great about yesterday? We went to our first movie (at the theater) together! (Yeah, I know, kinda sad that we've been married almost a year and haven't even been to the theater together… whaaaat?!). Michael surprised me by just driving there and beckoning me out of the car! I love his surprises. Anyway, we saw "How to Train Your Dragon", which I only heard about just last week… We did the 3D version and it was fabulous! I loved it. Especially the dragon- he was cute!

Michael also introduced me to the Dairy Queen "Blizzard". I got something called "chocolate extreme" but really it tasted kinda like nuts, not chocolate. weird. At least I finally tried one right?

Today I surprised Michael with a chocolate cake. Yum! =)

Michael decided to be a duck with his pringles:

And Maggie was cuddly. She even had a bath today! =)


This weekend went by really quickly- but it was really fun! On Friday night we rented one of the $1 movies from Kroger- we decided on "The Water Horse". Uplifting story, but as usual I cried at various parts of it.  I don't think I've watched a movie without crying since we got married.  Don't know why; I just always seem to find something sad in every film! Haha.

Last night we went and bought fabric for me to sew "cuddle cup" beds for my guinea pigs.  I'm very excited because this will be my first sewing project (not to mention I LOVE to spoil my pigs).

 Tonight I made some pretty delicious cookies- White Chocolate Chip Chocolate. If you'd like to try making them yourself, click here !