five on friday (03/03)

Happy March! We’re on the brink of spring and sunshine, and I couldn’t be any more excited about the upcoming change of seasons.

We had a bit of a rough start to the week with Kaelyn and me coming down with colds. I think this sad little face says it all. Thankfully, she was better within a couple of days, and I’m almost back to normal. It really breaks my heart to see my babies feeling sick. Anyway, we still managed to fit some fun into the week:

ONE. The weather has been all over the spectrum, but we sure enjoyed the warmest day of the week by heading out for a walk and going to the playground. Kaya wanted to push Kaelyn on the swings, and she actually got her going pretty fast! Nella went on the swings for the very first time! She had no idea what was going on, and I just barely tapped the swing to get her moving, since she’s still a little wobbly with head stability. Bare baby toes in the sunshine are my favorite. TWO. Everyone wants to be just like Daddy…Michael’s desk has become the coloring station for Kaya and Kaelyn, sometimes as soon as they wake up in the morning!
THREE. Kaya came up with her own craft project this week… a Hello Kitty, of course! I’m proud of her for executing this idea with minimal instruction from me, and she was thrilled with how it turned out. FOUR. If you know me, you know this is long overdue, but I finally got the kids some French books! I had a really hard time narrowing down what I thought was worth buying to start out with, and I’m actually very happy with this small assortment. I pretty much jumped for joy each time one arrived in the mail, and I’ve loved reading them to the girls. Kaya has started using a few French words and phrases now and then, so obviously, I’m elated. FIVE. Sometimes, my favorite pictures are silly, blurry ones. Bedtime is usually chaos at our house, but I love this sweet eternal family of mine (plus, how cute are babies in jammies?)!

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five on friday: pepper in my water and riding a giant bumblebee

My top five moments this week are simple but oh-so-sweet:

ONE. My baby has the best smile…_MG_3953 … and some of the funniest silly faces!PhotoGrid_1409366558504 TWO. Kaya has been playing with her kitchen every single day. I ask her for a drink, and she’ll get “water” from the faucet and then usually add salt or pepper. Yum… not quite the chocolate milk I was hoping for._MG_3944

THREE. How awesome is it when you think of texting your friend that you’re going to be at the park, and then she texts you first? Kaya and Mia had an impromptu play date and had the best time. Riding a bumblebee is sure to make anyone happy!IMG_20140904_111412FOUR. Kaya said her first French word yesterday, and I couldn’t have been more proud! She’s obsessed with this song and after asking to watch it a million times, said “un croc[odile]” and went to bed singing “crocrocro”. It all but melted my heart when I heard it.

FIVE. I told you Kaelyn loves her mobile… well, I used Google’s Auto-Awesome feature to make a little GIF. This is pure happiness right here!kaelyn09042014Happy Friday!!!

La fin [the end]

Tonight my French professor had all of us from her Oral Proficiency class over for dinner. Each of us brought something, and overall we had quite a nice variety of foods. I'm not one to brag, but I do make some preeetty delicious brownies. So that's what I brought, and my prof even asked for the recipe! She makes a pretty mean whipped cream herself =)

We all joked around about our favorite professors' little quirks that we love so much… And retold some of the stories from skits we've had to act out over the years. We were all laughing so hard, but on the inside, I think we were all a little sad too. This was really the last time we'd all be together. Mostly everyone else there is graduating this semester. I'll still be here, finishing up my dual degree, which is honorable in itself, but it doesn't always feel quite that way. When you see everyone around you moving on to bigger and better things, it's easy to say "Gosh. I'm still just an undergrad!". Anyway, it was a great last memory to have with some of my French buddies.

In my post yesterday, I mentioned that I was sick… well, I woke up this morning and felt nearly completely better! There must be some magic fairy that goes around at night healing people. But last night, when I wasn't feeling so great, I watched about an hour and a half of Hannah Montana. Yeah, I just admitted that. I seem to do it only when I'm sick. But the best part of it all was that my best friend was sitting right beside me the entire time. (By the way, I'm sure that watching Hannah Montana isn't exactly his idea of fun. That must mean he loves me a lot <3 )