easter bunnies, eggs, and baskets

We didn’t have a big Easter celebration this year, mostly because I really wanted to keep that Sunday truly focused on Christ and the real meaning of the holiday. We taught our girls some of the stories about Jesus during the last week of his life (I really liked using these lessons as a basis for ideas, and these Bible videos are a great supplement). They’ve loved hearing the lessons just as much as I’ve loved teaching them.

In an effort to keep things simple, I didn’t put together Easter baskets this year, but I did let them each choose a chocolate bunny at the store on the Monday after Easter (hello clearance)! Kaelyn was ready to eat as much of it as she could before I could say, “let’s put it away and save some for later”, but Kaya sobbed and sobbed that her bunny was going to disappear if she ate him. She’s a truly tender-hearted animal lover.  We did have a small Easter egg hunt for family night. They were both so good at finding the eggs that I think I’m going to have to make it a lot harder next year!Have you ever seen anyone so excited about jellybeans?Grandma Debbie also sent some Easter surprises!
Kaya always gets (and adores) cats… …and Kaelyn always receives puppies (who like to give pretend kisses, apparently)! PEEPS!Nella had no idea what was going on, but she did get a cute singing lightning bug, so she was happy. Happy first Easter, Nella!

breakfast at grandma’s

We spent some time visiting with my parents when we went down to Richmond for my first official 10k race. We arrived on Friday night, enjoyed some pizza, and watched our girls get spoiled by their grandparents, per usual. My mom made them some belated Easter baskets, and Kaya and Kaelyn were so glad to have some new things to play with away from home.
_MG_1553 _MG_1557 _MG_1560 Chapstick… always a favorite for Kaelyn._MG_1564 These chapsticks actually taste like jellybeans, so it’s amazing the kids haven’t completely used (aka eaten) them. Kaya’s also been really interested in Winnie the Pooh lately, so she was excited for this tiny plush. Later, she enjoyed watching one of the old Pooh VHS tapes I had as a child._MG_1562 Grandma kisses!_MG_1567 _MG_1568 We went to the race on Saturday morning, and then spent the rest of the day relaxing and showing my parents “Despicable Me” for the first time.

Sunday morning, Kaelyn enjoyed some chocolate donuts (what other kind is even worth mentioning?) while my mom cooked a special breakfast. Those are some sleepy eyes!_MG_1572 French toast…_MG_1578This is what Michael and Kaya were doing while all the breakfast-making commotion was happening in the kitchen, right next door! Traveling really takes a lot out of all of us, especially the kids. They’re past the age when they’d nap in the car for most of the trip (even if we leave town right at nap time), and then our nap and bedtime schedule is almost nonexistent when we’re not at home. Hence, we had some exhausted kids._MG_1576Socks was begging for some bacon. Too bad he’s on a green-bean diet…_MG_1582 We finished our breakfast, headed to church, and made the drive home. It was a simple, but fun, weekend!_MG_1584

easter baskets 2016

I’m pretty much the slowest at finishing blogging about our Easter festivities… but better late than never! I love having all these details to look back on, so yes, I took about 30 pictures of my kids and their Easter baskets. Haha.

I am always so excited to put together any kind of gift for my kids, and Easter baskets are no exception. Here’s Kaelyn’s basket, which contained a stuffed bunny, a stuffed “Arlo” from The Good Dinosaur, finger puppets, flip-flops, two books, carrot bubbles, guinea pig stickers, a Minnie Mouse plate, a hopping chick, and of course, a chocolate bunny!_MG_1281 _MG_1286 _MG_1288 And it all fit in her bucket… amazingly._MG_1292 Kaya’s basket had Minion stickers, a stuffed bunny and Arlo, Calico Critters with their baby stroller, two books, carrot bubbles, a rainbow necklace, a matching/memory game, a hopping bunny, a Frozen cup, and a chocolate bunny._MG_1295 _MG_1301 _MG_1299 _MG_1311 We gave them their baskets on Saturday, after the Easter egg hunt. There just isn’t really time for it on Sunday with early church and then afternoon naps, so I thought we’d all enjoy it more if we did it a day early. I also thought it’d be nice not to worry about all the “wordly” things on a day that we should be more focused on our Savior.

We had some very excited girls._MG_1346 _MG_1348 _MG_1351

I think that Kaelyn had no idea what some of the things in her basket were… but she was still so excited to take everything out and examine it. This is her very first pair of flip-flops. We’re ready for summer now!_MG_1356 Frozen-themed anything is her favorite._MG_1357 Guinea pig stickers for my little piggy-lover…_MG_1358 Kaya has loved the minions ever since she saw the movie with us on my birthday. They are pretty hilarious. I love that she’s old enough to enjoy silly things like that with us now._MG_1362 Again… I’m not sure she knew what the finger puppets were for, but she’s figured it out and loves them now!_MG_1363Kaya’s favorite item was her Calico Critters bunny twin set. She practically hasn’t stopped playing with them all week. They sleep up on her bed and she pushes them in the miniature stroller all around the house.
_MG_1368 She insisted that I take a picture of them, too. I really love the little details on these guys._MG_1373I couldn’t resist also making Michael a basket. He got some candy (Sour Patch Kids, a bunny, and Whoppers), and this new Apples to Apples game. I can’t wait to play it, but we obviously need to have some friends over, since it doesn’t really work well with just two people. Anyone up for a game night? 😉_MG_1372A certain little girl begged me for her chocolate bunny almost immediately after the basket-opening was done. I was shocked when she ate 2/3 of it in one sitting… but it was a holiday, and so I let her enjoy it. She had the sweetest little smile and made the happiest lip-smacking sounds._MG_1374

Happy Friday everyone!

easter baskets and brunch

Our Easter Sunday was filled with family, good food, and General Conference! We went to bed with our tummies and hearts so full… and isn’t that when you just know you’ve had one of the best days?

I was up earlier than everyone else to get started on some donuts for brunch later, so I was pretty excited while waiting for my girls to wake up and see their baskets. I was straightening up in the living room when Kaya leaned over the gate to her room and said “Hellooo. Clean up?” I probably rushed her out of her room too quickly because I was so happy to see her awake!

It was this little sweetie’s last “first” holiday! She loved the eggs and wrapping on the baskets.
_MG_6968 _MG_6971 Kaya wanted to make some ice cream cones right away!_MG_6975 … and then this happened. Haha.icecream04052015 Kaelyn mostly just loved playing with her basket and wouldn’t have cared if we never even opened it!_MG_6977 “Ooo… Owaf!”_MG_6982 _MG_6984 Kaelyn only wanted her sippy cup…_MG_6987 … and Kaya was ready to take all her toys (which is nothing out of the ordinary, anway)!_MG_6986 _MG_6990 We also surprised Michael with a basket! I gave it to Kaya, and she ran out of the den yelling “PRISE!!!” She was so happy to show Daddy what she had for him. 🙂_MG_6993 _MG_6996 These might not be the prettiest donuts, but they were delicious for sure. You don’t need a donut pan, and they’re baked, not fried! If you love cinnamon-sugar, give these a try (recipe here)._MG_7008 Jeff and Lelia brought waffles; Mom and Dad brought bacon and strawberries, and we had a feast! Everything was so delicious. Kaya probably ate a pound of strawberries!

_MG_6999 Grandma had some good cuddle time with the girls!_MG_7002 We tried to get a good picture of them in the matching skirts I made, but Kaya just wasn’t in the mood for it. We tried to bribe her with M&Ms, and Kaelyn was so anxious to try and get hold of some!_MG_7014Oh well. We all had such a great holiday together!
_MG_7016Hope you had a fantastic Easter!

Sadie Sky Boutique

easter baskets 2015

I was so super excited to make Easter baskets for my babies this year! I contemplated what I wanted to do for a long time, because I definitely don’t want the focus of Easter to be on material things, and I definitely don’t want to overload my toddler with candy, either.

Easter is about Christ. We can live again because of all that He did! Kaya and I have been talking for a couple weeks now about Jesus and how Easter celebrates His Resurrection. It’s so important to me that she understands that!

Still, giving gifts is my love language, so I might have actually gotten too many things. Oops. They’re only little once though, and so I’m having fun with it while I can.

I decided to give them one “nicer” toy, a book, and then everything else was either something they needed anyway (like the sippy cup and plate) or from the dollar store or clearance.

_MG_6955 - Copy

1. Bright Starts Links
2. Sippy cup
3. Light-up bouncy ball (dollar store)
4. Hape Push and Pull Giraffe
5. Hair bows (Walmart clearance)
6. “Guess How Much I Love You” book
_MG_6947 - Copy1. Alphabet Sticker Book (dollar store)
2. Giant Coloring Book (dollar store)
3. Olaf and Sven plate
4. Sidewalk chalk eggs (dollar store)
5. Light-up bouncy ball (dollar store)
6. Hair bows (Walmart clearance)
7. Lego Duplo Creative Ice Cream (I was crazy and ordered it thinking it would be small enough to fit in her basket… whoops!)

I’m excited to see how surprised they are on Sunday morning! 🙂easter egg blog hop logo - the good life blog (1)