baby #5: 23 weeks

(written June 26th)

Baby’s size: He’s supposedly about a foot long and weighs around 1.25 pounds! It always feels like a big deal to reach over the one-pound mark. Apparently, this is the same size as a chinchilla, a bunch of grapes, or a Bûche de Noel (anyone else remember making those in French class?)!

Maternity clothes?: Well, I did it- halfway through this week, I broke out some of my maternity shirts. It almost seems like my belly grew overnight, and many of my regular tops are now tight on my belly. The girls are a little disappointed that I can’t wear some of the shirts we usually wear when we match.

Gender: My sweet baby boy. I’m so eager to meet him!

Symptoms: Whew, round ligament pain! It was pretty bad there for a couple of days, and it even affected my running… but I’m feeling better now.

Sleep: Sleep has been hard. I’ve struggled with anxiety at night, which then starts this vicious cycle of me not being able to sleep, which then leads to a nap in the afternoon, and then repeating being unable to sleep well the next night. I’ve been meditating and diffusing essential oils at bedtime, and those things seem to help a little.Movement: His movements are getting so big! I can’t believe how strong he is. Sometimes, he kicks so hard that it surprises me and I exclaim, “Oh!” I feel him almost all day long now. It’s great. He still is quietest in the mornings.

Cravings: Chocolate-chip cookies and cheese puffs. I had both of those this week!

What I miss: I miss seeing our family and friends. Being alone here is making time drag on a bit.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’ve actually been okay. Every once in awhile, the nausea will flare up, but it hasn’t ruined my entire day anytime this week.

Belly Button in or out?: In, wide, and weird.

Exercising?: Ran 25.4 miles (longest run was 6.5 miles). Best average pace this week was 8:41 min/mile on the treadmill.

Mood: I’ve already talked about this above under the “sleep” category, but I’ve been anxious. I’m trying my best to get through it, but sometimes I can’t help worrying about the baby being okay and getting him here safely. I’ve had days where I just want pregnancy to be over (something I’ve never wanted to rush) just so I can hold him. It feels like such a very long wait still.

Best moment this week: This was actually from last week (oops), but I finally had a dream about his little face, and I just keep holding onto that image to help give me peace. I think he’s going to look a lot like Evie, but maybe with Nella’s nose.

Looking forward to: Celebrating Kaelyn’s 6th birthday this weekend!

Big sisters: Kaya and Kaelyn just keep telling me, “I love him sooo much already!” They can’t wait to hold him, and they kiss my belly all the time.

Comparison: 23 weeks with Kaya; 23 weeks with Kaelyn; 23 weeks with Nella; 23 weeks with Eve.