baby #5: 21 weeks

(written June 11th)

Baby’s size: 10.5 inches long (the same as a carrot or a baseball cap)!

Maternity clothes?: Still just the jeans, although I’m about ready to switch over to shorts with how hot it’s already been! Regular shirts are still fitting okay but starting to get a little short. I probably only have a couple of weeks until I’m completely in maternity stuff.

Gender: It’s a BOY! He still has no name, but we have a little while to figure that out.

Symptoms: None!

Sleep: I still take a nap every afternoon. It’s crazy! I’m grateful that I can do that, though.

Movement: He moves SO MUCH! I love it. He seems to be constantly active between lunchtime and bedtime (and I guess he still could be moving while I’m asleep, but it doesn’t keep me awake). Sometimes, I feel him first thing in the morning, but generally, he’s a lot calmer. I felt kicks up above my belly button for the first time this week. I can’t believe he’s already big enough to reach that high!

Cravings: I still am not that into food… except for chocolate. I did have this oddly vivid dream of eating a chicken sandwich this week though. I might have to make that happen.

What I miss: Maybe just having more energy. It’s been tough to get things done.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: This week has definitely had a LOT more nausea than the past few. It usually comes in big waves throughout the day, but today was particularly bad because it just lingered all day long. I try not to complain and to stay strong, but when it feels nearly impossible to be functional, it’s hard.

Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: Ran 26.1 miles (longest run was 7.5 miles); walked 1.9 miles. Best average pace this week was 9:30 min/mile.

Mood: I’ve been a lot less anxious this week, which is great. I think nesting has started to a small degree because I keep coming up with house projects I want to do (I just need energy to actually make a plan and do them)!

Best moment this week: We’ve been trying to take more family walks when the weather is nice. All the girls want to hold my hand while Daddy pushes the stroller and it just melts my heart completely.

Looking forward to: This isn’t pregnancy-related, but after a couple of weeks and a lot of phone calls, our washing machine is being replaced next week (under warranty, thankfully)! I’m ready to have a working washer at our house again.

Big sisters: Kaya still always asks if he’s kicking! She really wants to feel him again, but it’s tricky to time it.

Comparison: 21 weeks with Kaya21 weeks with Kaelyn21 weeks with Nella; 21 weeks with Eve.