baby #5: it’s a…

We were able to find out the baby’s gender at 15 weeks this time! I went in for an elective ultrasound just to be able to see the baby at all. I really wanted some peace of mind, and getting a quick glance at a fully-formed little person was such a gift. Finding out the gender early was a bonus. It’s always so special to get to know the little person who has been kicking and rolling around in there!

Because of COVID-19, I wasn’t able to take anyone with me to the 15-week or 20-week ultrasounds. I definitely understand, but I will admit that it was a little disappointing not to have Michael and the girls there to see the baby rolling around, hear the heartbeat, and find out the gender at the same time as me. So, I tried to make it as special and fun as I could for the girls by getting some of those powder cannons from a “gender reveal” website. We’d never used these before, and it turned out to be a blast (literally) for everyone! It was also a fun bonus to be able to send the video to our families and watch their reactions later.

Before we did the reveal, we asked everyone their guesses:
Kaya guessed BOY but really wanted a GIRL.
Kaelyn guessed GIRL.
Nella always said it was a BOY and wanted to name him Cookie Monster.
Eve said GIRL but really had no idea what she was talking about!
Daddy had no real guess!
My guess was BOY (mostly because I only had one dream about the baby beforehand, and it was a boy)!

So, without further ado…

It’s a…


I have so many emotions… but the biggest one is gratitude.

I don’t know what it’s going to be like to be a “boy mom”, and in some ways, it makes everything feel new and different. I do know that I already love this little guy so much, and he’s going to be absolutely adored by his sisters. They can’t stop talking about how they “can’t wait to be big sisters to a little brother!”

It’s a big change for us! I’ll openly admit that I cried some tears at first for fear of not knowing what to expect with a boy, worrying I won’t be good at being his mom, and a little sadness at not being able to use all the sweet girl clothes I have stored away once again. The ongoing joke that we “only know how to make girls” is now over, and everything will change once this little boy makes his way into the world.

We already love him, and he’s been such a huge part of our family from the moment we knew he existed. I know he’s going to fit in just fine!

We celebrated with blue freezie pops after telling the girls, of course!

Now, send me all the boy names, because we have absolutely no idea what his is going to be!