baby #5: 19 weeks

(written May 29th)

Baby’s size: About 6 inches long from crown to rump and 8.5 ounces, which is apparently similar in size to a hedgehog, a Gameboy, or a mango! 

Maternity clothes?: Still just the jeans! I’m in regular tops and running clothes for now.

Gender: Less than a week until I get to see our sweet baby and then do our gender reveal here!

Symptoms: Do sore feet count? I remember getting sore feet mostly when I was pregnant with Eve, and it seems like they’re back this time.

Sleep: Overall, sleep has been a challenge for me during this pregnancy. I have a hard time falling asleep at night, and then tend to be very restless. I still take a nap every afternoon for 2-2.5 hours. This past week, I had wildlife-related nightmares- Michael and I were bitten by wolves in one, and a bear was coming through the window in another. It seems so random.

Movement: The kicks, jabs, and wiggles are definitely getting stronger! This baby seems to be most active in the afternoon and evening, but not so much in the morning. I remember my other babies being on the move as soon as I’d open my eyes in the morning, so it’s definitely different. Maybe we’ll have a newborn who likes to sleep in (one can hope, right?)!

Cravings: Maybe just chocolate brownies, but I haven’t made any. Michael did bring me a Greek gyro this week, and that was amazing.What I miss: Nothing!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I still physically gag at some smells (mostly yogurt and salad dressing), but overall, it’s been a good week!

Belly Button in or out?: In.

Exercising?: My Garmin watch was still out for repair this week, but I pretty much followed my regular running schedule!

Mood: I’ve been a little weepy this week, to be honest, but I’m trying my best to be hopeful and look forward to holding a fresh new baby in the fall.

Best moment this week: Feeling more and more bigger movements. It’s the best.

Looking forward to: Watching this little baby moving around when I have my anatomy scan next week!

Big sisters: Kaya and Kaelyn love pretending to be a doctor and a nurse so that they can “listen to the baby’s heartbeat”. So so sweet! Kaya keeps asking if the baby is kicking, because she very much wants to be able to feel it for herself. Probably soon!

Comparison: 19 weeks with Kaya; 19 weeks with Kaelyn; 19 weeks with Nella; 19 weeks with Eve.