baby #5: 18 weeks

(written May 22nd)Baby’s size: A sweet potato, a croissant, a slingshot (??? so random), or a sugar glider according to the Ovia app.

Maternity clothes?: Maternity jeans, all the time! I am all about being comfortable this time around. I think I am going to need some new shorts for summer though- my old ones were used so much they’ve really been worn thin. I’m still wearing regular tops for now!

Gender: Two more weeks until we see the baby again and confirm the gender. I’m not expecting anything to change, but I’m saving the surprise until then!

Symptoms: I’m just kind of feeling like my belly is already so big for 18 weeks! I know I’ll look back and laugh at myself for saying that, but I already feel a difference getting around.

Sleep: I take a 2.5-hour nap every afternoon. It’s crazy, I know. I feel like it’s actually been easier to get naps during this pregnancy now that the girls are a bit older. They understand how much I need to rest, and they are good at playing quietly, reading, or napping themselves. Eve still naps at the same time as me, of course.

Movement: This little sweetie moves SO MUCH that I can’t even believe how strong the kicks and punches are. Afternoon is the most active time (probably because I usually lie down and take a nap). I saw my belly move from the outside for the first time this week and it was surprising and special.

Cravings: Chocolate. I made brownies this week! Mmm.

What I miss: Nothing!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I had a pretty good week overall! I still can’t stand the smell of yogurt or the girls’ salad dressing, so they have been helping with the lunchtime dishes. I had only one day where the nausea controlled me and I couldn’t really do anything.

Belly Button in or out?: In, but it’s starting to look a little wider already!

Exercising?: I’m still waiting for my watch to be repaired, so I don’t have my mileage, but I did run regularly and got out for at least one walk with the girls.

Mood: I’m feeling more optimistic and trying to be positive lately.

Best moment this week: I had a really special moment where the baby kicked my hand for the first (and second and third) time! It’s crazy to think that we can both feel each other but can’t see one another. It amazes me every time.

Looking forward to: I’m still counting down to seeing our baby at the anatomy scan! I’m also happy that Michael has Memorial Day off and we can rest a little.

Big sisters: They are so excited for this little baby that they can hardly wait. Everyone kisses my belly goodnight, even little Eve. Nella keeps coming up with names for the baby, which usually involve a character from Sesame Street. This week she branched out and suggested “Baby Furby”. Haha!

Comparison: 18 weeks with Kaya; 18 weeks with Kaelyn; 18 weeks with Nella; 18 weeks with Eve. I actually think my belly looks almost the same as it did with Nella at this point!