once upon a snow day

It’s May and I’m writing about a snow day… sounds like it should be against the rules, right? 

This was the only snow we had this winter that was deep enough to play in, and with the recent plummeting temperatures here due to a polar vortex (again, in MAY!), I couldn’t help but reminisce on this day and the fun we had.On a day we truly needed a break from our regular schedule, we woke up to find the world transformed into a winter wonderland. This snow felt like a gift to me in so many ways.Daddy bought us a new sled this year, since the one the old homeowners had left finally cracked to the point where it was unusable. Kaya, Kaelyn, and Nella couldn’t get enough of sledding down the big hill over and over again. They took turns pulling each other up and down and giggled like crazy every time. Eve and I had a go!Kaya built the cutest little snowman. He had a carrot nose and even wore the hat that Grandma Gina made for her.She was so in love with him, and it was heartbreaking to watch him slowly melt as the sun emerged later in the day. Kaya has such a tender heart.Nella ended up wearing my kitty-cat mittens and was the happiest ever.Eve quickly tired of the snow. She was not having fun at all, really, and if I wasn’t holding her, she was screaming. Hopefully she’ll like it more next year.Kaya and Kaelyn were content to be out for hours.
Did I mention that Kaya made my hat all by herself?We came in for hot chocolate and dry clothes. I’m so grateful for these beautiful days with my babies.I had to include this one of Scout. She doesn’t like to be out in the snow, but she’s ever-watchful.