we will carry each other

Thirteen years ago, 32 precious Hokies lost their lives.

The world felt as though it had literally stopped spinning.

How could the rest of the world still go on, while we lost our classmates, our friends, and our teachers? How could anyone keep on with their day-to-day life when our sense of normalcy was completely shattered?

It seemed unfathomable.

Our community faced uncertainty, fear, and grief. We didn’t know what would come next, but one step at a time, we pushed forward with a little more solemnity and compassion in our hearts. We carried each other, and gave what we could to help those around us, which most often meant our time, friendship, or even just a smile.

Friends invited me to their homes so I wouldn’t have to stay alone on campus. A church community across the country tied fleece blankets and mailed them to our small church group. I still have and use that blanket each day. A small act of service that may have long been forgotten by the giver often remains a comforting memory for the receiver.

I can also testify that even through the most difficult times, God never abandoned us. We were provided opportunities to feel of His love, peace, and comfort.

Now, here we are, facing the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19. In many ways, the world has “stopped spinning”. Day-to-day life is not what it used to be, and people are unsure of what will come next.

We may be feeling grief, fear, and pain, but we will make it through this, because we will carry each other. The entire population banding together for one incredible cause has an outstanding power.

After we overcome this, we’ll know how much we can all accomplish in unity.

Today, we remember the friends we lost on that blustery day in 2007. We go forward with the strength we gained from the weeks and months that followed, and a hope for brighter days ahead.

Never Forget. Live and Love for 32.