I turned 32 this week! We’ve been dancing around and changing the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s “22”, eating too much chocolate cake, and partying with Lelia and Bryce! It’s been a good birthday.

I always get introspective around my birthday, and when I saw this idea from here to share one fun thing for every year of your life, I just had to jump in. I had SO much fun writing this! I spent a whole lot longer doing it than I’d planned, mostly because I went right down memory lane looking at all these photos.

Here we go! One fun thing from each of my years (and writing them all out this way makes it feel like a lot of years!):

0 years. Clearly, I had a pretty good first year of life, being the oldest and only child. Haha. I love this picture of me and my mom on my Dad’s boat.1 year. Apparently, I was really happy when I had spaghetti!2 years. I have one clear memory around this age of visiting my Great Grandma’s home. She passed away when I was nearly two, so my memory is probably just slightly before this age. I wish I could remember more about her.

3 years. We went fishing on my Dad’s little boat a lot when the weather was nice. I had this cute little fishy life jacket, and sometimes my Dad would let me “help” him drive.4 years. I became a big sister! I was in love with Karl from that first moment I saw him.5 years. I went to kindergarten and loved my teacher. We always had graham crackers and honey at snack time, and I refused to try honey the entire year.

6 years. In first grade, we put on a play of “The Three Billy Goats Gruff”. My teacher had a piano in the classroom that she used to play for us regularly, and it really was the best.7 years. Apparently, I lost and grew a bunch of new teeth. And don’t we look adorable in our Easter clothes?8 years. I had a really strict third-grade teacher, and I always finished my work early and asked for jobs I could help with.

9 years. We got our Shar-Pei dog, Barney.

10 years. I was obsessed with Pound Puppies!

11 years. I finally got to be in the same class at school as my childhood best friend, Heather.

12 years. We took a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure with our friends! (I’m in the Pokemon shirt. Haha!)13 years. I got really interested in singing and participated in the school choir as a second soprano.

14 years. We moved from New Jersey to Virginia!

15 years. I took guitar classes in high school.

16 years. We adopted our dog, Sockie!17 years. I got my guinea pig, Maggie, as an early birthday gift. She was my pal for her entire life.18 years. I went to Virginia Tech and became a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints!

19 years. I showed a sheep for the first time!

20 years. I met Michael! I also studied abroad in Switzerland and traveled all over Europe!

21 years. I married my best friend, moved into our first apartment, and got our guinea pig Juni.

22 years. I found my lifelong friend Lelia… who became my sister when she married Jeff a couple years later!23 years. I graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Animal Science and a BA in French.24 years. My world totally changed for the best when I became a mom for the first time (to Kaya)!25 years. I took some cake decorating classes!26 years. We had our sweet baby Kaelyn!27 years. We got Freyja and Claire!28 years. We added Nella to our family and bought our first house!29 years. We adopted Scout!30 years. I brought Eve into the world and traveled to Spain!31 years. I had my best running year yet. I PR’ed the half marathon and won my age group in three races.This little post filled my heart with so much gratitude. There have been hard things, too, of course, but focusing on the good was a really good exercise. I’m so thankful for all of it.