four years of freyja and claire

As of the end of summer, we’ve had our sweet guinea pig girls for four whole years! I feel like they were little babies just yesterday, jumping around their cage and looking for all the food they could get. Not much has really changed, except that they are a whole lot bigger now and doing a little less jumping, but they’re still always ready for a snack.If you’ve known me for a long time, you probably remember that before I had human babies, I had two guinea pig fur babies (Maggie and Juni). This blog was pretty much taken over by them (and any other animal I encountered in my Animal Science program at Virginia Tech), but Freyja and Claire really haven’t been in the limelight much compared to my first piggies. Nevertheless, they are just as sweet and very cherished. I still think guinea pig lips are some of the cutest things ever.

The best part of having guinea pigs now is that I get to share them with my children, who love them so much. Freyja and Claire live indoors, but on this day, we had a “pignic”, where we took them outside to munch on some grass. Everyone loved it. There was definitely some carrot bribery involved for these photos.It’s not obvious which pig is dominant, although I am fairly certain it’s Freyja. She’s not a bully in any way, but if it comes down to the last cucumber, she takes it. She is definitely more outgoing and comfortable with people.They’ve gotten better about having baths and their nails trimmed. They don’t love it by any means, but they don’t try to jump out of the sink quite as much anymore. They wheek for food every night when they hear the basement door open. Lately, they’ve started overturning their little hideout houses, and every time I go down there, I fix them, only to find them upside down again the next time. I’m not quite sure how they do it, but I think they must be having fun.We sure love our piggies!