eve: 14 months

Clothing size: I just packed away her 9-12 month things and pulled out the 12-18 month bag of clothes. There are so many adorable fall outfits in it, so now we just need some cooler temperatures! It is fun to also see her wear things that all of her sisters wore before her. It seems like yesterday that Kaya was wearing these exact animal onesies!

Eye color: Blue. She gets compliments on how bright and beautiful they are all the time. When she gets upset and her face turns red, it makes her eyes look even brighter blue.

Hair: Dark brown, fluffy in the back and still sparse on the top.

Teeth: SEVEN! This was a big month for teeth. She has two of her first-year molars up top now, but one is still working on breaking its way through the gum. She also has one canine tooth on the right side. I just love her big smile even more now that she has her two front top teeth!

Eating: This girl literally eats anything. She especially loves yogurt, bananas, olives, and pasta.

She’s still nursing, so we haven’t tried whole milk yet. She nurses for a long time in the morning and at bedtime, but the afternoon pre-nap nursing session is hit or miss. Sometimes, she nurses really well and falls asleep on me (which is so special, since that doesn’t happen much anymore), but other times, she is rolling off of the pillow and trying to crawl away, or nurse upside down, which isn’t really comfortable. She’s a crazy one. She also really loves to pull my hair, so I’ve been trying to give her a stuffed animal to hold onto while nursing instead.

Sleep: FINALLY– I think it’s safe to say she’s sleeping through the night. She wakes up every once in a while, but for the most part, we haven’t had to get up with her before 5:30 am. Yay! She goes to bed around 8 pm, nurses around 6 am, and goes back to sleep until about 7:30. She takes a 3-hour nap in the afternoons, too.

Words: She surprises us all the time with the things she tries to say. She’ll attempt to say many of the words we tell her when she points to something (i.e. yesterday she said “door)! Daddy and I agree that she is the most ready to speak out of all our babies. She consistently says: uh-oh, baby, Mama, Dada, Ya-ya (Kaya), Sprinkles (which sounds like Ffffi-fuh), piggies (which is always yelled as loudly as possible because she’s obsessed with the guinea pigs), slothy, and up.

Favorite things: She loves stuffed animals (especially her puppy, Sprinkles) and baby dolls. I have a plush sloth that my mom gave me, and she crawls across my bed to grab him every single morning, yelling, “slothy!” She hugs stuffies with her whole body and it’s just precious. She pushes herself around (backwards) in the Cozy Coupe car and is starting to get into coloring (sometimes that means she tries out markers on her head). She will dance to any music we put on, she always wants to pet Freyja and Claire, and she is able to climb up on most things now, which is a great source of amusement for her.

Dislikes: Baths, as always, and getting her picture taken. I had such a difficult time this month getting her to sit in the chair for even a minute. She obviously has better things to do!

Nicknames: Evie, Little E, Miss E, Lovie. Nella calls her “Eeeeee!”

Milestones, etc.: -WALKING!!! She can walk across a room without help, and even gets herself standing up on her own without having to pull on anything.

-She also loves to play peekaboo, and she’ll put a washcloth over her face and just sit there and wait until we notice and say, “Where’s Eve?” Then she pulls the washcloth off and guffaws. She’s hilarious and adorable.

-She folds her arms for prayers and it’s just the sweetest.

-She gives these big, loud, lip-smacking kisses, and if she can’t reach you, she just does it through the air in your general direction. Melt my heart.

Dear Eve,

This has been such a big month for you! You got a whole bunch of new teeth, started walking, and are constantly trying to say new words. You’re doing all these big-girl things, but you still look like a little baby to me, so it’s kind of fun to watch.

You are our little firecracker. You’re so feisty and adamant about your opinions and what you want, but then you’re also insanely sweet and love giving out kisses and crawling into our laps. You reach up with both arms to ask us to hold you, and you love hanging onto my leg while taking a few steps. You are just so loving.

We love you baby girl. You light up my world.

Love, Mommy