eve: 13 months

Clothing size: Still 12-month items, but I’m sure I need to swap them out for 18-month things. I’m just a little in denial that my baby is growing so fast, so I’m holding onto those cute little onesies for as long as I can. I know she has some great outfits in the next size up, though, since my mom bought many much-needed things for Nella when she was this age.

Eye color: Blue. I’m hoping they stay as bright as they are now!

Hair: Dark brown… and she still has texture in the back! I’m just waiting for these to turn into real curls. She loves to brush her hair and will do it with anything that looks like a brush or a comb (even a toy pitchfork that the older girls have for their play horses, haha)!

Teeth: FOUR! Two front and center, both top and bottom. Her smile has changed so much! She loves to brush her teeth.

Eating: Literally everything. She loves chicken, cheese, lettuce, cucumbers, Italian salad dressing, green olives, grapes, cherry tomatoes, bananas, apples, oranges, yogurt, cheerios, mini wheats, crackers, pizza…  The list could go on. She’s a great eater! We let her try homemade muffins, and she devours them.

I’m still loving those reusable baby food pouches because I can fill them up with Greek yogurt and she can mostly feed herself. Sometimes her sisters help, too (Nella is getting much more interested in taking care of and playing with Eve, which is so fun)!

She’s nursing three times a day, but honestly, I think we could easily drop the afternoon before-nap session and she wouldn’t even notice. She’s so wiggly, turning over, sitting up, pulling my hair, grabbing my face… I don’t want to admit it, but nursing hasn’t seemed so enjoyable lately. I don’t want to be done, but it has been challenging. The only time she doesn’t act crazy is that first feeding of the morning.

Sleep: Oh sleep. She’s doing better, but she’s definitely still our most challenged child in this category. She goes to bed at 8 pm, and sometimes she’ll still wake up around midnight or 1 am, but I’ve cut out the night nursing, so that means Michael rocks her back to sleep. Then, she’ll typically wake up between 4 and 5:30 am, nurse for as long as I’ll let her, and go back to sleep until 7:30 or so. I know it’s really not too bad… but I’d like it if we didn’t have so many broken segments of sleep each night. She also still takes a 3-hour nap in the afternoon, usually around 1:30 or 2 pm. She does like to snuggle her puppy.

Words: She seems so talkative! Suddenly, she’s saying so many things: Dada (probably her favorite word), Mama, up, here, baby (buh-buh), and her other favorite, uh-oh! Sometimes I think she drops things just so she can say “uh-oh”. She also nods her head for yes and no. How’d she get so smart so fast?

Favorite things: Her sisters, dancing, “going upside down”, petting Scout or Freyja and Claire, crawling to Daddy when she hears the garage open, wearing necklaces, headbands, or hats. She’s obsessed with trying to stand and push the doll stroller or shopping cart, and she loves riding in the cozy coupe car, which she can also push around on her own when she’s in it (without steering at all). She suddenly really likes baby dolls, too.

Dislikes: Baths! She doesn’t even want to sit in the tub long enough to let me shampoo her and rinse her off. She wants to climb out and escape, which is a little nerve-wracking with a very slippery baby.

Nicknames: Evie, E, Evie Bedeevee, Lovie.

Milestones, etc.: -She gives sweet kisses now! She’ll make the “mmmmmwah!” sound and pucker up before she puts her lips on your cheek. It’s adorable. She also likes crawling over to her sisters or me to snuggle up. She’s so affectionate.

-She’s not walking on her own… her record for independent steps is 4!!! I think she’s so so close, though. Kaya keeps practicing with her, and I wouldn’t be surprised if she gets the first real walking moment with her. Watching my older girls love and teach Eve is just one of the most-fulfilling things.

-She can stand by herself, too.

-She’s just started “drawing”, and loves to scribble on the little magnetic board the girls have.

-She’s still totally obsessed with phones, remotes, iPads… luckily her little pretend phone is good enough most of the time.

Dear Eve,

You are one of the spunkiest girls I know, but definitely one of the sweetest, too. You are busy busy busy all the time, so on the rare occasion you fall asleep nursing (sometimes I still doze off in the armchair with you), I really cherish those moments. I love having you close and breathing in your soft scent, kissing those stinky baby toes, and tickling those squishy thighs. You are everything.

You made getting your pictures this past month pretty difficult! You would rather do literally anything else than sit still. I thought it’d be easier once we switched to doing it in the chair… nope! I am grateful you are so strong and capable.

I love you, Eve. Your laugh is one of the best sounds on this earth, and when you get all your sisters giggling with you, there’s nothing quite like it.

Love, Mommy