to our favorite daddy (2019)

To Michael, who is perpetually surrounded by pink, rainbows, flowers, a million stuffed animals, bouncing curls, high-pitched squeals, the happiest giggles, and most of all, love, from four of the sweetest little girls to ever walk this earth.

He’s the funniest guy in the world, the best storyteller, and the silliest friend.

His hugs wash away all their fears; his jokes wipe away their sadnesses.

For our girls, he is everything.

He’s got nearly-perfect patience, and he gets up with babies in the middle of the night. He’s emotionally intuitive, which is an amazing gift to all of us, especially when any of the girls are upset, angry, or just not sure how to handle their feelings. We couldn’t dream of a better Daddy.

His love for them is perfect. I’ve never seen anyone so happy for someone to come home at the end of the day as these girls are when he walks through the door each and every evening. Even little Evie screams, “DAAADAAADAAA!” and crawls her way over to him as fast as she can.

I’m grateful that my best friend is their best friend, too.

Happy Father’s Day, Michael!