five favorites (04/01)

Happy Monday (and April Fool’s Day)! We haven’t played any tricks over here, but I’ve already been fooled by at least one online article today. Whoops!

Looking back on years past, my “five favorites” posts used to be a lot simpler and shorter… and I’m thinking I’d like to get back to that. Simpler posts might encourage me to make time to do this more often, instead of trying to block out enough time to write one very long post.

So, here’s to a new week, and a new month!

ONE. Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck came to visit our house! Kaya made me a special “Disney ticket” that I had to hand to them so I’d be allowed to greet them and take photos. Kaelyn wants to go to Disney so badly, but for now, I guess dressing up is a good alternative!

TWO. When reading with Daddy…
…turns into TICKLING!I just love how much Nels loves her Daddy. She’s his little buddy right now. There’s just something extra special about the age of two.

THREE. If you don’t know what Kaelyn is up to, she’s probably cuddled up with a book! She’s our newest little bookworm. She tries hard to read what she can, and if she can’t read it, she attempts to recite books from memory.

If she’s not reading a book, she’s very likely to be playing with Evie! Kaelyn spends time with her any chance she gets. They truly have a special bond.

FOUR. Kaya made a “teddy bear picnic” for her stuffed animals. It was the sweetest. She drove them over to the event in the stroller, lined them all up, and passed out their “baby bottles” (markers) and food.

FIVE. These baby ROLLS! Do I even need to say anything else? I just love her so much.