the only snow day of the season

I wanted to put a giant question mark after that title up there… because with the climate as it is, we can never really tell if we’ll nosedive right back into winter! Last year, we had snow into April, so I honestly wouldn’t be surprised by it. Mother Nature’s got nothing on us!

Almost two weeks ago, we had a small snowstorm. It was really just the perfect amount of snow- enough for the girls to enjoy playing in, but it only canceled public school for a day and melted quickly. We don’t generally follow the public school schedule, but when there’s snow outside, we obviously had to have a snow day, too!

We bundled up and headed outside! We only have two sets of snow bibs (something I’ll definitely need to remedy for next winter), so Nella ended up wearing double pairs of pants, and then socks on her hands because we also only had two pairs of mittens. I figured she wouldn’t want to stay out long, anyway, and I was right. After five minutes, she asked to come in!She did like the snow a whole lot more this year, though!I was going to take Evie out, but after realizing that she probably wouldn’t enjoy it and Nella would be coming in before too long, she ended up just hanging out in her bouncer next to the front door. I kept going in and out between both groups of girls to make sure everyone was doing okay!Kaya and Kaelyn were ready for some snowball fights!They threw one at Scout, right into the storm door (and that was banned from happening again)! Scout loved watching everyone from indoors. She isn’t really a fan of snow and prefers to avoid it if she can.They set to work on some snowmen… We ended up using broken up crackers for the eyes and nose, since we were out of carrots and wouldn’t be able to find any little rocks. Kaya’s turned out adorable! Kaelyn told me that hers fell apart before she could finish it.Nella watched from the window.
Those pigtails (her hair is finally long enough for them again!) and bunny slippers just slay me with cuteness.The big girls decided they wanted to sled!
They were having the best time. Just look at those faces!Seeing them happy makes me happy.They stayed out for a good part of the morning and just loved every second of it. We were out of hot chocolate, but happened to have thin mint cookies, so they all enjoyed a couple of those when they finally came inside.Happy snow day!