currently (march 2019)

It’ll be spring before this month ends, and I can already feel the energy and excitement that comes with longer and warmer days! I still have some things to go back and document on here (like our entire trip to Spain), but now that I finished the Christmas posts, I’m feeling relieved and free to write more spontaneous posts like these.

Currently, I’m…

Swooning… over these sweet baby girls all squished together in one photo. I randomly made this for fun one morning, and I LOVE seeing them all at the same age! It’s fun to see them all together and imagine if they were quadruplets… but let’s be real, I’m glad I’ve been able to enjoy each of them one at a time!Eating… GUACAMOLE! Okay, well, I’m not eating it right now, but over the past few months, I’ve become a guac monster. I don’t usually crave salty stuff, but I think I can attribute it to all the extra training miles I’ve put in in the past couple of months.

Listening to… The Moana soundtrack multiple times a week (I’m still very obsessed with this movie)! Also, my baby might be almost 8 months old, but I’m still really into birth stories. The Birth Hour is my favorite, and I really think that listening to it constantly before I had Eve helped me get through her birth unmedicated. In my wildest dreams, I’d be able to become a birth worker and help other women feel that same sense of empowerment; I’m just not really sure what kind of role would suit my personality.

Organizing… our office and creating a playroom for the girls! We’ve moved the toys around to just about every room of the house ever since we moved here to figure out what works best, and nothing has really seemed ideal. So, we decided to turn our formal dining room (which was pretty much empty and unused) into their playroom. I think having a central location for toys will be a big help with keeping things neat.

So far, we’ve moved some shelves around and added an area rug. Scout seems to think the rug is a giant dog bed!Finishing… our last weeks of first grade! I can’t believe we’re almost through another year. We have fewer than 15 lessons left in each of our books, and our standardized testing already came in the mail. We’re so close! We’ll start some of the second grade books (for Kaya) and continue with the kindergarten books (for Kaelyn) until May, and then I’m looking forward to some easy summer days.

Shopping… for a new sleep sack for Eve. This adorable princess still isn’t sleeping well at all, and we’re kind of desperate. We’re going to try these and hope they’re magic!

Happy Tuesday!