eve: 7 months

I can’t even believe we are closer to one year old than we are to her birth now. Time, slow down!

Clothing size: All 6-9 month items. Some of her leggings are 12-month size because the puffy diaper just makes things awkward.

Eye color: Bright bright blue.

Hair: It’s looking a lot like Kaelyn’s did as a baby- dark and super fuzzy! I rub her mostly-bald head all day long.

Teeth: Still NONE! And I still can’t believe it. She chomps on everything and drools everywhere and I have no idea how there’s still not the faintest sign of a tooth.

Eating: Donuts.Just kidding! We’re still just nursing, but she’s had small tastes of the major “allergen” foods, like peanut butter and eggs. She has been able to go a little longer between nursing sessions, though, usually 2.5-3 hours. I’m planning on starting her on a little bit of baby food this month!

Sleep: She is still a terrible sleeper at night, but magic has happened in the afternoon, because she now takes a nap on her own! Around 2 pm or so, I swaddle her (yes, we’re still doing that because that’s the only way she sleeps) and nurse her, and she’ll sleep for 2-2.5 hours or so. It feels so weird to have some time to myself (during which I usually unintentionally pass out on the couch), but I am grateful she’s starting to get into a routine. She’ll also usually take a 20-30 minute catnap snuggled up with me in the morning, around 11 am. She goes to bed around 8 pm; I “dream feed” her around 11, and then she’ll usually wake up twice to nurse between then and 6 am. Sometimes she’ll go back to sleep after that, other times, she stays up and just babbles to herself in her bassinet.

She’s still in our room, and I’m putting off moving her as long as I can. Her sisters “decorated” her bed on this day:

Words: Lots of babbling, blowing raspberries, and sounding like she says “hiiiii” back to you when you greet her, but no real words yet.

Favorite things: Not to sound pompous or anything, but right now, her mommy is her very favorite. She’ll whine for me if someone else is holding her, even if she doesn’t “need” anything. She just genuinely likes to be close to me, and I’m savoring it as much as I can for as long as it lasts. Daddy has already told me that he has plans to make her a Daddy’s girl too, just like all the others.

She also loves snuggle time with Daddy, her sisters (especially when they’re being silly), bath time, her pacifier (don’t leave home without it), music, the exersaucer, and peekaboo!

Dislikes: Shots at the doctor’s office!

Nicknames: Evie, Evie Bedeevee, Lovie.

Milestones, etc.: -She randomly started giving kisses one day (although I haven’t really been able to get her to do it since), but it was the sweetest moment ever. We giggled and my heart was so full. This picture is blurry, but it’s still so special.

-She can sit for a very short amount of time on her own! I can’t just leave her alone yet without a pillow around her, but she’s close. Honestly, she could just use some more time to practice, but I probably hold her/put her in her bouncer too much and don’t give her enough free time.-She has started to dance when music comes on, mostly by flailing her body around as wildly as possible. Actually, she does it without any music, too! She does this in her bouncer and in her exersaucer.

-She’s very ticklish (especially her belly button). I was tickling her for this photo!

-When I pick her up to carry her, she’ll put her left arm around my shoulder and pat my back, over and over and over. She’s just so sweet.

-She is obsessed with her reflection and will smile so big anytime she sees herself!

-She sometimes wakes up from our snuggly nap with these rosy red cheeks. So sweet and adorable!

-She isn’t crawling, but she wiggles and rolls ALL over the place! I’m really impressed with her upper body strength, too.-Absolutely everything is fascinating to her… like this ray of sunshine. She is also easily entertained by things like toothbrushes (still in the package), markers, or the package of wipes.

Dear Eve,

I don’t think any words could accurately describe the obsessive motherly love I have for you, so all I can say is this: Eve, you make my heart soar. I’m infatuated with your chubby cheeks and legs, huge squinty smile, and gleaming eyes. You are one wonderful little girl, and I wish I could freeze time to keep you just like this (or have a hundred more babies guaranteed to be just like you). It’s incredible how love can feel so new, so fresh, and still so exhilarating, regardless of the fact that I’ve had these same feelings for each of your sisters before you. Nearly everything you do makes me smile or laugh, and those moments are so incredibly precious.I still see a little of each of your sisters in that sweet face of yours, and I just love it.You are perfect.

Love, Mommy