christmas trees (2018)

After we decorated our gingerbread houses, we spent the evening assembling our Christmas tree. Michael gets all the credit this year, because I hardly helped with any of it. Usually, I spend a couple of hours putting the lights on (I’m extremely picky and very meticulous about how the wires sit on the branches), but I was still very jet-lagged, and so I relinquished my usual role to Michael. He put the whole thing together and then did the lights, too (which he is much less fussy about). It turned out fine, and the girls were happy to finally have our tree up.This was Nella’s first time helping with the ornaments! She was pretty excited. We did have to remind all the girls that once the ornaments were on the tree, they didn’t come off again to be played with. Nothing was broken, and everyone had a good time! Once again, all Evie could do was watch. Cutest little couch potato!Sweet sisters (who happen to be looking very tall here)!Nella also enjoyed some post-decorating tickles from Daddy!And because this is still tree-related, we visited the local Inn one evening to enjoy its annual display of Christmas trees.There was this adorable sleigh you could climb up in, so naturally, I had to get a picture of the girls in it! Nutcrackers! Kaelyn was my most-willing subject this night.There was this little display next to the Nutcracker ballet tree, and I tried so hard to get a picture of the girls on this pink bench, but the lighting was crazy, and I had only a few seconds before Nella decided she was done with photos. Oh well! The girls are still cute, no matter the lighting. We took a very dimly-lit family selfie before we left! With Nella and Eve wearing matching pajamas, I kind of felt like I had twins on my lap. So cute!And then there were 9 days until Christmas!