gingerbread houses (2018)

January has almost come to an end, and I haven’t blogged a single thing about Christmas yet. Ahhh! In an effort to be caught up on at least some of this before February, I thought I’d start with our simple little gingerbread houses.

When Michael, Eve, and I returned home from Spain, we were really eager to start some Christmas festivities, since the month was nearly half over, and it felt like we had missed quite a bit. Confession: I had these gingerbread house kits in the closet since the previous year, but we never got around to doing them (my morning sickness prevented me from doing a lot of things I wanted to do last year). So, everyone was excited to finally open them!A few red-nosed reindeer came to visit! This was Nella’s first time ever helping to decorate any type of food, so Daddy helped her out a lot.Michael went to his work Christmas party halfway through our activity, but the older girls kept on diligently working. Too little to decorate, but definitely not too little to look completely adorable while she watched us!Mine and Kaelyn’s!
Kaya’s and Nella’s/Daddy’s!These little activities are the best. I had to jump into a picture!And then Nella joined in, too! I love my little ladies.And then there were only 11 days until Christmas!