eve: 6 months

Half a year already!?!Height: 26 inches (50%)
Weight: 15 pounds (25%)
Head Circumference: 16 inches (11%)

Clothing size: I’m still squeezing her into 6-month clothing because I’m in denial that she’s so big already, but 9-month things fit better now, so I really need to switch out her wardrobe. It’s hard to zip her jammies over her puffy diaper! I also just moved her cloth diapers up to the next snap setting as far as height goes.

Eye color: Bright bright blue.

Hair: So much of it has fallen out, and I think it’s looking light brown. Some of it in the back still looks dark like her original hair, but some of the new growth on top sometimes looks golden blonde. It’s really a mix right now.

Teeth: I’m enjoying her gummy smile for as long as possible because she still has zero teeth! I’m surprised, considering how much drooling and chewing on things she’s been doing for the past several months. She chomps down on everything! She’ll even go for my watch when I’m holding her.

Eating: We haven’t started solids yet, but her pediatrician gave us the go-ahead. She’s nursing every 2 to 3 hours (usually it’s in the 2-2.5 range; if we get to three, she often gets “hangry”)!

Sleep: This little princess just doesn’t sleep! She’s had a hard time staying asleep (and falling back to sleep on her own) for months, but somehow, it seems like it’s become even more difficult lately. I attempt to put her to bed around 8-8:30 pm, and she’ll sleep for about 2-3 hours before she’s awake again. I “dream-feed” her, and then she’ll do another 3 hours or so before she wants to nurse again. From there, she wakes up a lot, either wanting her pacifier or to nurse. I get so tired that I accidentally fall asleep in the rocking chair with her, sometimes for up to 2 hours, which definitely isn’t helping her learn to sleep on her own.

She won’t nap on her own (if she gets tired enough, she’ll take a 20 minute snooze in her bouncer, but that’s all). So, I either hold her for naps, or recently, I’ve discovered that if I tuck her in well enough, she’ll actually take a decent nap on the couch. I nurse her to sleep, then slide the boppy pillow over to the corner of our sectional sofa, prop her up, and wrap my blanket around her. At least, this way, I can sit next to her and work on something, or lie down near her and rest myself. She’ll nap for a good two hours this way in the afternoon, so I’m counting this as a victory!She is still sleeping in our room at night. I’m definitely not ready to move her to Nella’s room (our original plan) with all her waking up and crying. Sometimes it seems like swaddling helps; sometimes it just makes her more angry. I really am not sure what to do to help all of us get some more sleep.

Words: She squeals at us as if that’s just the way everyone has a conversation. She’s loud and bubbly and I love it. Sometimes, I’ll say, “hi” to her, and it will sound as if she says, “hiiiiii!” right back! So funny.

Favorite things: She likes her bath now (except getting her hair rinsed), her toy keys, anything that she can grab and put in her mouth, her toes, being tickled, her sisters, snuggling with Daddy while he plays Xbox, and cuddles with Mommy anytime of the day (or night)!

Dislikes: Being patient (which makes being the fourth child a little difficult at times). When she doesn’t like something, she doesn’t just cry, she screeches. It’s ear-piercing and so loud!

Nicknames: Evie, Evie Bedeevee (like Amelia Bedelia), Lovie, ChubbaLove.

Milestones, etc.: -She’s rolling all over the place and trying her hardest to get where she wants to go. She is scooting just a little, and I can’t believe she can already do that!

-She’s super close to sitting up on her own! She really wants to, but just can’t keep herself from toppling over just yet.

-She also stands on her legs when we hold her, and her muscles are just SOLID and so strong! She can actually jump in the exersaucer on her own now. It’s crazy to see her meeting all these physical milestones so early! Nella was very relaxed when it came to doing anything movement-related, so it just seems like Evie is so little and doing all these big-kid activities.-She just LOVES to see herself in the mirror. She instantly lights up and it’s just the sweetest thing.

-She had her first Christmas this month, and she loved the little toys her sisters picked out for her (she also loved the wrapping paper, haha).Dear Eve,

Little sweetie, we all love your bright eyes and happy, glowing, face! Your sisters immediately run to help you if you start crying. You bring so much love and joy to our family. Kaelyn even told us yesterday that she wants to be homeschooled forever, because if she goes to public school, she says, “I won’t get to hold my Evie!” You’re the only baby she really remembers us having, and that makes you extra special to her.You’re growing and changing so much, and I’m stuck in that place where I want you to stay little, but then I am also excited to see who you’re going to be as you get smarter and stronger.You light up my world, my precious daughter.Love, Mommy