baby #4: 38 weeks

This is a post I didn’t think I was going to get to write! Based off of how early Nella came, I just thought I wouldn’t make it this far, but here we are!Baby’s size: The Ovia app says she’s the size of a ukulele or a Pomeranian dog! Crazy comparisons.

I had a regular appointment with a midwife this week, and since my fundal height still measured 34 cm, she suggested we do the ultrasound to check everything (i.e. size, amniotic fluid index, placenta). Everything looked great, and the ultrasound technician estimated the baby to be about 6 pounds 5 ounces. That’s plenty big enough! Her heart rate was 154 BPM.

Maternity clothes?: Yes! I also accidentally wore my (non-maternity) running shorts backward one day this week… and funny enough, they fit over my belly better that way, so I might just wear them like that until the end. I’m also still dependent on my support belt for running, but it doesn’t feel like it’s doing too much for me now throughout the rest of the day (and it tends to come undone when I bend over because it’s almost too small).

Gender: Sweet baby girl! The ultrasound technician told us that she has just a little bit of peach fuzz for hair, too. It’s so amazing that they can even see that on an ultrasound! I guess she’ll be mostly bald like her sisters were!

Symptoms: I’m honestly still really grateful to be feeling mostly comfortable this far in! I do definitely feel like she’s dropped though, and that has made getting around seem a little more difficult.

Labor signs: I had cramps all day long on Saturday, and then, for an hour, they turned into what felt like real contractions, coming about 3 minutes apart. I was even breathing with some of them! And then, out of nowhere, they just stopped, and I haven’t had anything significant since then. Braxton Hicks are still coming every once in a while, though. I got checked at my 38-week appointment, and I’m still at 1 cm and 60% effaced.

Sleep: I’ve generally still been sleeping really well, except that my body wakes me up around 5:20 every morning to use the bathroom, and then I generally can’t fall back asleep. I’m still a huge fan of naps and have had some much-needed ones this week.

Movement: She’s crazy and almost never stops moving! The midwife told me I should be able to count 6 kicks in an hour… and I think we probably reach that quota within 5 minutes.

Cravings: None really. I did try guacamole for the first time ever this week though and loved it!

What I miss: I really just miss being able to roll over in bed easily and go up stairs without it seeming like a mini workout!

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I have been feeling so healthy and strong this week, and I am loving it! I’ve been able to eat and get a lot done. Nausea hits every once in a while, but it’s really nothing compared to what it was.

Belly Button in or out?: It’s poking out and super weird!

Exercising?: These were my miles from my really sick week, so it’s a super low total- ran 5.1 miles (longest run was 3.05 miles). Best average pace this week was 11:29 min/mile. I’m back on track for a 15-ish or so mile week this week. Fitbit total steps: 34,399.

Mood: I’m just getting more and more excited… although to be honest, I am a little shocked that she isn’t here! I’ve kind of convinced myself that “she’s never coming out”, or that I’ll be pregnant for at least two more weeks. That would be a first for me, but stranger things have happened!

Best moment this week: Seeing Kaelyn enjoy her birthday! My mom and Michael’s mom have both helped me out a lot this past week with cleaning, cooking, and watching the girls, so that has been amazing.

Looking forward to: Can I say having a baby this week? Come on, little princess! My Dad-in-law is also coming to visit this weekend, so that will be pretty fun.

Big sisters: Kaya just keeps telling me that she wants the baby to be born. I think she’s tired of waiting!

Comparison: 38 weeks with Kaya; 38 weeks with Kaelyn; and there’s no 38-week post with Nella because she was already born. Crazy!