baby #4: 32 weeks

I feel like we’re in the homestretch! 32 weeks and things are getting real!Baby’s size: Textbook size is about 18 inches long and nearly 4 pounds! However, My fundal height was about 29 cm at my appointment this week, so we’re having an ultrasound to see how big she really is. My OB still keeps thinking I’m just really good at hiding my babies. Her heart rate was 135 BPM.

Maternity clothes?: Should this still be a question? YES! I did finally just buy another running shirt in a size up because my regular one was getting too snug, and I was always having to pull it down.

Gender: Sweet sweet princess.

Symptoms: This isn’t pregnancy related, but whoa, seasonal allergies! I’ve been joking that if this continues, I’m going to just sneeze the baby out. I also think I have a cold going on or something, because I’m completely congested.

Sleep: Sleep has been so interesting lately because I feel like I need a lot of it, but my body is waking me up like clockwork at 5:30 every morning. In a way, I like waking up early easily and being able to get things done, but then again, I’m tired and want to sleep!

Movement: She’s still my wild wild girl… I really don’t know if she ever stops moving. Also, I’ve been waiting and waiting to feel her get hiccups, and this week, she finally did… twice! I love that tiny little fluttery feeling. She also loves to squirm when I drink water!

Cravings: Brownies… and I actually had some because I made a batch for the church picnic this week!

What I miss: Being able to eat more normally.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: I’m still just not really caring about food, and I have to make myself eat. The easiest time for me to eat is in the afternoon, and I like having some Goldfish or Cheezit crackers as a snack. I feel like I used to eat so much healthier before pregnancy, now it’s just about eating what I can handle.

Belly Button in or out?: Flat and weird.

Exercising?: Ran 25 miles (longest run was 5.4 miles). Best average pace this week was 10:19 min/mile. Fitbit total steps: 75,317. There are days where I feel a lot more pressure in my pelvis when running, and I need to stay in the neighborhood and take a couple of bathroom breaks. Then, there are other runs where I feel almost completely normal and want to run forever. It really varies at this point!

Mood: Phew, pregnancy hormones. I know this will make me sound crazy, but I seriously had a cry over how “she’s never coming out” to Michael this week. Um… all babies come out! It just feels like forever sometimes until I’m going to get to hold her.

Best moment this week: I started going through the baby clothes this week, and seeing a small stack of things just waiting for her is so exciting and still surreal in a way. I also finally started working on her baby blanket! I’m really excited to see it all come together.

Looking forward to: We’re having a growth ultrasound this week, and of course I’m hoping everything looks good, but I’m actually really excited to see her again. Hopefully we get a peek at her sweet little face!

Big sisters: We were going through a baby name book at lunchtime one day, and laughing at all the really crazy names. Kaelyn now wants to name the baby “Minnie” (as in Mouse, you know). Kaelyn loves giving her random hugs.

Kaya will kiss my belly and tell the baby goodnight every evening now. She also told me that she had a dream about the baby, and her description of her matched the one from my dream, so now I’m really really curious to see what this little girl looks like. Kaya said she looked like Nella, with the same hair, but had brown eyes, and was really little.

The infant carseat we used with all our girls was expiring this July, so I’ve been watching for a good sale on a new one, and finally got one this week. Nella liked testing it out (and she was sooo excited about the “baba!!!” on the box.

Comparison: 32 weeks with Kaya; 32 weeks with Kaelyn; 32 weeks with Nella. Weight-wise, I am exactly the same as I was with Nella at this point (down to the tenth of a pound). Talk about consistency! I still feel like I’m not carrying as low as I have in the past… maybe more like my first pregnancy. We’ll see if it changes as the weeks go on!