snow more

I’m writing about snow in APRIL… because in the past few weeks, we’ve had more snow than we did the entire rest of the winter. We had three larger storms (5-8 inches), and then a smaller one just last weekend. The snow can be magical in so many ways- it usually gives me a chance to sleep in and a day off of running; we can take a break from school to spend time together playing outside, and during one of these storms, work was even cancelled for Michael!

Even with all the fun it brings, I think I’m ready to say goodbye to snow until the end of the year. This has truly seemed like one of the longest winters ever!

I started a few mini snowball fights, and now Kaya is obsessed (and actually pretty good at getting people)! It’s a little disconcerting when she comes after you with a ball this big, though!Poor Kaelyn got took one right to the face (she laughed about it afterward, and I reminded everyone that we don’t throw anything at people’s faces)!Kaya and Kaelyn are both obsessed with making snow angels! Despite multiple layers of clothing, they always end up soaking wet after this. I bought some waterproof snow bibs (for $4!) for next year, so they might just end up liking the snow even more.My mini-me! (and another giant snowball!)Kaelyn, talking to herself as we went inside at the end of our playtime, said, “That was so much fun!” And that right there makes getting everyone dressed to go out, cleaning up wet clothes afterward, and walking up and down the hill a thousand times more than worth it.Nella currently still very much dislikes the snow… but I think that might change next winter. She lasted about 30 minutes out there, which is a record for her! She ended up just sitting in the stroller and watching us sled for most of it.And because this is just too funny, here’s Kaya’s view from the sled right before she rolled into the snow (laughing hysterically the entire time)!